31 Eccentric Random Facts You Probably Missed – Part 190

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26Mary Louise Hawkins

First Lieutenant Mary Louise Hawkins assisted with the evacuation of patients in World War 2. Her plane was forced to make an emergency landing and a patient's trachea was severed by debris. Mary went full MacGyver and managed to keep the man alive with found items for 19 hours until help arrived.

27. In 2017, a famed green jacket from the Augusta National Golf Club was purchased for $5 at a Toronto thrift shop, then sold at auction for $139,000.

28. Scottish poet Hugh MacDiarmid was kicked out of the Scottish National Party for being a Communist and was kicked out of the Communist Party for being a Scottish Nationalist.

29. Cahokia, a great Native American city near current day St. Louis had a population in 1250 A.D., bigger than London.

30. The music commonly associated with clowns in circuses was written by Julius Fucik. It was originally titled "Entrance of the Gladiators" and was meant to represent slaves marching into an arena to fight to the death.

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31New and Old World vulture

Two species of vultures (New World and Old World) evolved completely separately from each other on different continents, suggesting that vultures have a huge and essential ecological value in nature.


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