30 Unbelievable Products Derived from the Human Body

11The "Hand of Glory" Candle


The "Hand of Glory" used to be a candle holder that was made from human fat and placed on a dried or pickled human hand, typically the left hand. Both components were usually crafted from the body parts of executed criminals.

12Oprah's Skin Cream Secret

Oprah's Skin Cream Secret

Oprah Winfrey promotes a facial cream called Skin Medica, which is made from collagen-producing fibroblasts found in foreskin cells.

13Ttongsul: Korean Excrement Drink

Ttongsul: Korean Excrement Drink

There is a traditional Korean fermented rice wine known as ttongsul, which is made from human feces.

14Macabre Cabaret Dining

Macabre Cabaret Dining

The Cabaret du Néant, one of the first themed restaurants in Paris, featured patrons drinking "bières" (meaning both "beer" and "coffin" in French) from cups shaped like human skulls. The main room, known as the "Salle d'Intoxication" (Intoxication Hall), had chandeliers made of human bones and tables shaped like coffins, creating a uniquely macabre atmosphere.

15Cheese from Bacteria Origins

Cheese from Bacteria Origins

In 2013, scientists at Trinity College Dublin successfully created cheese using bacteria collected from human toes and belly buttons and exhibited it at their Science Gallery.

16Governor's Shoes of Human Skin

Governor's Shoes of Human Skin

John Osborne, the first democratic governor of Wyoming, wore shoes made of human skin to his inauguration. He obtained the skin from the body of an executed train robber and used it not only for his shoes but also to craft a doctor's bag and a coin purse. He gave the top of the skull to his 15-year-old assistant as a souvenir.

17Hair-Based Oil Absorption

Hair-Based Oil Absorption

To make oil-absorbing booms for ocean oil spills, wigmakers repurpose human hair that they receive from hair salons. Hair can absorb 3-9 times its own weight in oil.

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18Jenkem: An Inhalant Hallucinogen

Jenkem: An Inhalant Hallucinogen

Jenkem is an inhalant and hallucinogen created from fermented human feces and urine. In the mid-1990s, it was reported to be a popular street drug among Zambian youth, who fermented feces and urine in containers, inhaling the resulting fumes.

19Human Flesh Capsules as Supplements

Human Flesh Capsules as Supplements

Some people use human flesh capsules made from dried fetuses as a nutritional supplement.

20Baby Foreskins for Synthetic Skin

Baby Foreskins for Synthetic Skin

Baby foreskins are utilized to grow synthetic skin for various purposes, including the treatment of diabetic ulcers.

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