30 Strange and Extraordinary Facts That Sound Too Crazy

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There is a fish called Lungfish that can live out of water for many months in burrows of hardened mud beneath a dried-up stream bed.

27. Concerned about the number of cobras in Delhi, British colonial officials created a bounty, only to discover secret cobra farms created to collect the bounty. When the officials shut down the program the farms released their snakes, meaning they had far more cobras than before they started.

28. French Queen Marie Antoinette had a fully functioning peasant village built on the grounds of Versailles. She loved strolling the village in simple shepherdess garb pretending to live a simple life milking cows or sheep, which were carefully maintained and cleaned by the servants.

29. In 1987, someone wearing a Max Headroom mask interrupted 2 TV broadcasts in Chicago. The FBI investigation was never solved and the man behind the mask was never caught.

30. On April 18, 1930, the BBC reported, "There is no news." Instead they played piano music.


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