30 Savage Facts About Plants & Animals – Part 2

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Bats often use pitcher plants as a toilet and plant are also benefited by it. Some species of bats take a nap and a dump inside a pitcher plant and the pitcher plant gets nutrients from the feces.

27. The male of a tiny Australian marsupial species called the antechinus goes into a mating frenzy once in its short life and has sex with as many females as possible until his body disintegrates.

28. There is a species of moth called the Bagworm moth. They build cocoons out of sticks and small twigs. These cocoons can sometimes look like small log cabins. After metamorphosis, the female of the species spends their whole lives, of a few weeks, in the little home they made.

29. There is a species of fungus, Fusarium oxysporum, that has the ability to dissolve gold and excrete it onto its surface, encrusting itself in gold.

30. One species of freshwater turtle has actual flippers like a sea turtle. Called the pig-nosed turtle, it lives in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Australia. Extremely aggressive, little studied, and difficult to keep in captivity, it is rarely seen in aquariums.

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