30 More Small Details In TV Series You Might Have Missed – Part 2

21Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

In S04E02 of Game of Thrones, at Joffrey and Margaery's wedding, the camera subtly focuses on Olenna when the priest says "cursed be he who would seek to tear them asunder."

22Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

In the season 2 finale of Breaking Bad, Jane's bedroom mural depicts the bear from the airplane crash.

23Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

In the S07E01 of Game of Thrones, Walder Frey's chair resembles his castle, The Twins.

24The Office

The Office

In S02E03 of The Office, Kevin Malone has his left hand on his heart.

25Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live

In S42E21 of Saturday Night Live, during the cold open, Trump (played by Alec Baldwin) is wearing a Russian flag lapel pin.

26Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation

In Parks and Recreation, when Tom hits the fire hydrant while tweeting, Jean Ralphio is the only one favoriting his tweets.



Daredevil Season 2 (2016) - In the comics, Melvin Potter is the alter ego of a semi-villain called The Gladiator. When he shows daredevil the armor he's wearing, The Gladiator's Logo is on it.

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28Spongebobs Squarepants

Spongebobs Squarepants

In Spongebob Squarepants, when SpongeBob is beatboxing/rapping in the Krusty Krab pizza episode, his hat is on backward.



In The Simpsons "Homer the Vigilante" last scene, there are four trees forming a W referencing the movie that features It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.



In S04E02 of Friends, the guy who robbed Chandler and Joey wrote "Thanks for all your stuff!" on the Magna Doodle Board.

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