30 Magical Facts About Incredible Villages Around The World

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The German village of Würchwitz has a statue of a cheese mite erected to honor its role in making Würchwitz's special cheese, Milbenkäse. The cheese mites help make the cheese by excreting their digestive juices over the cheese.

27. Students in the Chinese village of Pili have to trek 1,000 feet above a sheer drop down a precipice, cross four rivers and slide down a 600 feet-long zip-line to get to their school.

28. There is a village named Trunyan in Bali, Indonesia where they do not cremate or bury their dead, instead, lay them out to decompose next to a 'magic' tree.

29. Russia created an orphan village named Orion where foster parents can live alongside orphans. Orphans are invited to live with families and they decide whether to stay.

30. Residents of the Kamikatsu village in Japan organize their trash into 45 categories, effectively producing close to zero waste.


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