30 Lovable Animal Facts That Will Melt Your Heart – Part 2

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The oncillas (Leopardus tigrinus) produce 1 to 3 kittens (usually only one), after a gestation of 74 to 76 days. The kittens do not begin to take solid food until they are 38 to 56 days old.

27. Male great bowerbirds create forced perspective illusions that only female bowerbirds can see. He creates an entrance leading to the bower 'courtyard' lined with objects such as pebbles and shells and arranges them small to large so that he appears larger when performing his courtship display. 

28. The Costa Rican water anole (Anolis aquaticus) dives into streams and rivers to escape from predators and to feed on aquatic insects. It can stay underwater for at least 16 minutes, by exhaling and rebreathing a bubble of air that clings to the lizard's skin.

29. The Purina or Tasmanian Devil is an endangered marsupial known for its shrill screams. They are endangered due to contagious cancer and hit and runs. To help save them in certain mainland ecosystems, experts have suggested reintroducing them back to mainland Australia.

30. Wild parrots in India like to raid poppy fields to get high on opium. 

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