30 Interesting Species You Should Know About

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26Sarpa salpa

Sarpa salpa

There is a species of fish named Sarpa salpa that can be hallucinogenic when eaten. The ancient Romans reportedly consumed it as a recreational drug.

27. A species of self-cloning crayfish named Marmorkrebs was discovered in the German pet trade in the 1990's. Every individual is female and genetically identical. There are no known natural populations.

28. After the last bucardo - a wild goat species - died, scientists brought a clone to life, making the bucardo the first species to become de-extinct. The clone died after 7 minutes, also making it the first species to go extinct twice.

29. A rare species (Fiji crested iguana) of Iguana was discovered by John Gibbons, a herpetologist while watching the 1980 film "The Blue Lagoon."

30. Beelzebufo, also known as the Frog From Hell, is the largest known frog species to have ever lived. Its diet may have included juvenile dinosaurs.

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