30 Interesting Facts about Twins From Around the World

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26ATL twins

ATL twins

ATL twins from the movie Spring Breakers live a similar life as shown in the movie. They live like one person. They share the same bed, wear matching outfits, and sleep with the same girls.

27. Swedish ice hockey player Henrik Lundqvist started playing the goaltender position because his younger twin brother, Joel, volunteered him by raising his hand for him at a youth practice.

28. Walker and Georgia Inman, the only heirs to the Duke fortune (of tobacco tycoon James Duke), were abused by their heroin-crazed father from 2000-2010. They were forced to bathe in boiling water, and locked in a feces-filled basement. The Rolling Stone magazine called them the “Poorest Rich Kids in the World.”

29. June and Jennifer Gibbons, were identical twins who only communicated with each other. They wrote works of fiction and later turned to crime, for which they were institutionalized. They then became convinced that one of them must die for the other to live a normal life. Jennifer agreed it would be her. Ten days later she suddenly died and no drugs or poison were found in her system.

30. Abby and Brittany Hensel are an extremely rare adult conjoined twins with two heads and one body. They can each feel and control the one arm and the leg on their side. They can write, run, play sports, drive a car, are social butterflies, and generally live normally.

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