30 Interesting Facts about DNA and Genes

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26Kenny gene

There is a mutated gene in fruit flies which causes them to die in 2 days when infected by a certain bacteria. This gene is named Kenny, after Kenny McCormick from South Park.

27. There is a “bacon gene”, which makes some people able to tell the difference between pork from female and male pigs and it makes them hate the smell of the latter.

28. There is a mutation of the gene CCR5, called Delta 32, which introduces a premature stop codon into the gene. This premature coding means cells that have this mutation couldn't be infected with the HIV virus. Individuals with a homozygous CCR5-Delta 32 mutation are completely resistant to the HIV virus.

29. Out of 9 DNA samples claimed to be from the “abominable snowman”, 8 actually came from various species of bears native to the area.

30. In 2015, a genome-editing technique called TALEN was used in the last ditch effort to treat an infant named Layla, who was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of leukemia. The technique effectively treated her and is being researched to treat a wide range of diseases.



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