30 Important Dinosaur Facts You Just Shouldn’t Miss

1Dinosaur feathers

Dinosaur feathers aren't just visually apparent in fossils but have actually been found preserved in amber.


Scientists have genetically altered chickens to express DNA that their dinosaur ancestors once possessed. They wanted to stop the genes that make the fingers grow into a wing and the tail from receding back into the chicken while in utero, so that it'll look like a dinosaur when born. Eventually, the chickens grew teeth.


There were active volcanoes on the moon when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

4Mass extinction

There were 4 mass extinction events before the one that killed the dinosaurs. The most severe extinction event killed a staggering 97% of all species. All life on earth today is descended from the 3% that survived.

5M100 galaxy

The galaxy M100 is so far away that if beings from there were to look at Earth right now, they would be watching the real-time extinction of the dinosaurs.

6Blue whale

Even when taking dinosaurs into account, the modern day blue whale is the largest animal to ever live.

7Baby and juvenile dinosaurs

Baby and juvenile dinosaurs have been mistakenly labeled as whole new dinosaur species because their younger skeletons differ so much from their adult form.

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Velociraptors were really only the size of an average dog and had feathers. The Jurassic Park movies took the name and applied it to another dinosaur from the raptor family.


The Diplodocus could whip its tail so fast it would break the sound barrier, producing a canon-like boom.

10Tyrannosaurus rex

In 2016, a tyrannosaurus rex fossil was found carrying fertilized eggs which shed light on the evolution of egg-laying as well as on gender differences in the dinosaur.


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