30 Awesome Facts About Literally Everything You Probably Never Knew – Part 149

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26New Zealand All Blacks rugby team

New Zealand All Blacks rugby team

The New Zealand All Blacks rugby team refused to play in South Africa for 10 years due to their forced exclusion of Maori players. This ended in 1970 when South Africa deemed Maori players "honourary whites" and allowed them to play.

27. How common it is to have a different number of joints in the pinky toe? 56% people have two joints and three bones, 44% have one joint and two bones.

28. There is a Future Library in Norway being created where trees have just been planted, and authors of today were asked to write something to be read in 100 years. When the trees have grown in a century, they will be used to print the books, and only then, will they be made available for all to read.

29. Lawns take up nearly 2% of the surface of the continental United States, making turf grass—not corn—America’s largest irrigated crop.

30. Sand is the second most used natural resource worldwide, after fresh water.

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