28 Urbane Facts About US Cities Many Don’t Know


1San Francisco parking

San Francisco parking

Parking in San Francisco is so scarce that the parking spot attached to your property can add up to $100,000 to the property's value.

2Tiny house village

Tiny house village

Seattle has a "tiny house" village that homeless residents can use to sleep, eat and shower. It costs residents $90 a month to cover utilities and is designed to help them get back on their feet.

3Sacramento wetland

Sacramento wetland

In order to stop being routinely flooded, the city of Sacramento, California created a 59,000-acre man-made wetland that redirects flooding around the city. It provides key breeding and feeding ground for hundreds of species.

4Kansas City

Kansas City

Kansas City blatantly ignored the prohibition. People were able to buy booze a few blocks down from the police station. They got away with it scot-free for all 13 years (1920 to 1933) the prohibition was in effect.

5Des Moines

Des Moines

In 1998, the city of Des Moines, Iowa rejected a pedestrian bridge design for being "too modern." The design was based on plans made by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1504.



It is legal in New York to own a monkey if you are paralyzed and the monkey is trained to perform household tasks for you.



Chicago has a large pack of coyotes that patrol the city, hunting rats.

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8Seattle tunnels

Seattle tunnels

Downtown Seattle actually sits on top of the original city from the 1800s. It was rebuilt on top of approximately 20-foot high walled tunnels following a great fire, in order to prevent floods from high tide and sewage. You can go underground to see the original city remnants.



94% of the people who live in Minneapolis are within a 10-minute walk to a park.

10Chicago heatwave

Chicago heatwave

Chicago had a huge heatwave in 1995 that killed hundreds, and the bodies of 41 victims were never claimed. They were buried in a mass grave in Homewood, Illinois.

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