25 Totally Creepy Spider Facts That’ll Keep You Up At Night

11Corolla spider

The Corolla spider uses quartz crystals to set traps and catch its prey.

12Spider Fossils

The largest known fossil of a spider is only about half the size of its modern relatives. This means that the biggest spiders that exist today might be biggest spiders that have ever existed.

13Brown widow spider

There exists a less venomous, invasive Brown widow spider that is slowly replacing the Black widow.

14Australian funnel-web spider

The fangs of an Australian funnel-web spider can penetrate fingernails and shoes.

15Tarantula Lifespan

Tarantula spiders reach full adulthood at around 10 years and female tarantula spiders have been known to live up to 30 or even 40 years.

16Goliath Birdeater

Goliath Birdeater, which is the world’s largest spider, has a leg span the size of a child’s forearm, weighs as much as a puppy, can live for 25 years and has fangs strong enough to pierce skulls.

17Spiders Love Music

According to a research conducted at the Miami University, spiders like listening to classical music. When listening to techno and rap, they made their webs as far away from the speaker as possible, but when listening to Bach, they made their webs as near to the speaker as possible.

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18Daddy long legs

Daddy long legs prey upon venomous spiders like the black widow.

19Tarantula bite

There isn’t a single reported case of a person dying from a Tarantula bite.

20Black Widow's bites

Black widow's bites produce muscle aches, nausea, and a paralysis of the diaphragm that can make breathing difficult; however, contrary to popular belief, most people who are bitten suffer no serious damage, let alone death.


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