25 Strange Things Which Exist That Very Few People Know About

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1 Witch windows

Witch windows

“Witch windows”, or diagonal windows, exist almost exclusively in Vermont. The name comes from the superstition that witches cannot fly their broomsticks through slanted windows.

2. There exists a kind of garlic called “solo garlic” which doesn’t have separate cloves but is just one solid piece of garlic.

3. Deep in the Amazon rainforest, there exists a rare breed of dog that has two noses. When Colonel Percy Fawcett described it after returning from a 1913 expedition to the area, he was teased and ridiculed by his peers.

4. There exists a massive abandoned supercollider in Texas. In 1993 the US Congress cancelled the Superconducting Super Collider which was designed to be nearly three times more powerful than the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, despite already spending $2 billion on its construction.

5. There exist people who can locate objects through echolocation, thus making it possible for blind people to ride bicycles through traffic.

6 TAILS operating system

TAILS operating system

There exists a live operating system that you can start on almost any computer. The TAILS operating system aims at preserving your privacy and anonymity and helps you to: use the Internet anonymously and circumvent censorship, leave no trace on the computer you are using. It uses state-of-the-art cryptographic tools.

7. There are giant 6 feet otters that still exist in three remote river systems of South America. They hunt in packs and can even take on crocodiles.

8. There exists a museum named Museum of Bad Art in Massachusetts which is dedicated to exhibiting sh*tty art which is “too bad to be ignored.”

9. There exists a sword, a jewel, and a mirror that are all over 1,000 years old and extremely sacred to Japan. They are so important that their locations are theorized but unconfirmed and their last sighting was in 1993 during Emperor Akihito’s enthronement but was also covered in packages.

10. There exists a “space station of the sea” named the Aquarius, which is a permanent underwater laboratory located 3.5 miles off of the Florida Keys.

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11 C-3PO


There exists an infamous Star Wars trading card of C-3PO in which it appears the droid is sporting a ginormous erection, and nobody is quite sure how it happened.

12. Avalanche Airbags exist, and they are used when people fall into an avalanche. They help people survive by “making them bigger” and so staying closer to the surface by the principle of inverse segregation.

13. A thriving industry exists in China solely for the purpose of ‘dispelling mistresses’. Wives, for a price, enlist undercover agents to destroy relationships their husbands have embarked on with other women.

14. There exists a species of fish called the Penis Fish which is eaten raw in Korea.

15. The Devil’s Cigar is a fungus that strangely only exists in a small area of Texas and Japan almost 11,000 km apart. They separated at least nineteen million years ago. It looks like a cigar, hisses, releases clouds resembling smoke and then splits open into the shape of a flower.

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16 Pizza farms

Pizza farms

“Pizza farms” exist, where they grow all the ingredients need to make a pizza in one convenient location. Most of these farms are located in the Midwest.

17. There exists in Japan an arcade game where you are goal is to pound and flip a table in frustration using a tiny plastic table.

18. There exist a 20 feet high rock known as Krishna’s Butterball in India that has rested on a 45° angle on a hill for almost 1200 years and 7 elephants pulling it couldn’t displace it.

19. There exists another type of strawberry from the regular strawberry. Arbutus unedo, or the strawberry tree or Irish strawberry tree, is an evergreen tree native to the northern Mediterranean and Ireland that produces circular red fruits with bumpy protrusions.

20. There exists an International Banana Museum in North Shore, California, which features more than 20,000 banana-themed exhibits.

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21 River dolphins

River dolphins

“River dolphins” exist, and that a new species was discovered in 2014, the first in over a century. They live in the flooded rain forests of Brazil, and they are largely blind due to living their entire lives in murky waters. They swim slowly and use their sonar abilities to find fish.

22. A bridge named the Great Naruto Bridge, looking exactly like the one in the Naruto manga and anime, actually exists in Japan. It is stretched over the strait between the city Naruto and Awaji Island and is one the largest bridges in the world.

23. There exists a placed in Ethiopia that has been nicknamed “The Gateway to Hell”. The Danakil Depression is one of the hottest and most alien looking places on the planet. The air is toxic to humans and organisms have been found there living in pure acid without any oxygen.

24. The Museum of Endangered Sounds exists to allow streaming of once popular technological sounds. ie. the dial-up tone, ICQ chat tone, Windows 95 startup. 

25. Left-handed sugar exists. It is an artificial, mirrored variant of regular glucose which tastes exactly the same but can’t be metabolized as normal. As a result, it contains very few calories, can be eaten by diabetics and doesn’t promote tooth decay.

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