25 Serial Killer Facts That’ll Instill Fear In You – Part 3

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1Jane Toppan

Jane Toppan

Jane Toppan was a serial killer nurse who confessed to killing 31 people. She was caught in 1901. She would poison patients, then lay with them and hold them close as they died. She also fondled them as they died. She even poisoned herself to evoke the sympathy of men she was courting.

2. Samuel Green was America’s first known serial killer. Born in 1796 and executed in Boston in 1822, Green killed people all over New England but his total body count is unknown. Later, he was the first killer whose crimes psychologists attributed in part to horrific abuse during childhood.

3. A Russian serial killer named Irina Gaidamachuk would murder her victims with an ax before robbing them. When caught by police Gaidamachuk stated that she committed the murder-robberies to pay for vodka to feed her alcohol addiction, as her husband refused to give her money for it.

4. Serial killer Cary Anthony Stayner who was convicted and sentenced to death for the murders of four women in 1999, is the older brother of Steven Stayner, the child kidnapping victim whose case was made famous in the TV miniseries “I Know My First Name Is Steven.”

5. Robert Berdella a.k.a the Butcher of Kansas City was a little known serial killer from the 1980s. He is known to have tortured and killed 6 men and as many as 20 people. He injected drain cleaner in their throats to silence their screams while he was at work.

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6Harvey Glatman

Harvey Glatman

Serial killer Harvey Glatman used to present himself as a photographer for pulp fiction magazines to find his victims and take photos of them tied before they even knew they were kidnapped.

7. Bruce McArthur, Toronto's most notorious (and oldest, at 66 years old) serial killer operated as a landscaper during the summer, and a mall Santa Claus during the winter. He eventually pled guilty to 8 counts of the homicide of gay men in the Toronto area.

8. A butler named Archibald Hall was a Scottish serial killer and thief who was active in the 1970s. While working for the British aristocracy, he stole from and killed several of his employers and fellow house staff.

9. An Australian serial killer named Eric Cooke was captured by police after he hid a murder weapon in a nearby bush. Police found the weapon and returned it to the same bush tied to the fishing line. Police then constructed a hide and waited 17 days until Cooke retrieved the rifle.

10. Chinese serial killer Zhang Yongming a.k.a ‘Cannibal Monster’ killed his 11 victims by butchering them. He then sold their flesh in the markets calling it “Ostrich meat.” He was executed in 2013.

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11John Bodkin Adams

John Bodkin Adams

John Bodkin Adams was a British General Practitioner, convicted fraudster, and suspected serial killer. Between 1946 and 1956 over 160 of his patients died in suspicious circumstances and of these, 132 left him either items or money in their will.

12. Canadian serial killer Gilbert Paul Jordan a.k.a. ‘The Boozing Barber’ killed 8-10 aboriginal women by forcing them to drink lethal quantities of alcohol. One of his victims, Patricia Andrew, had a blood-alcohol level of 0.79. Jordan also drank at least 50 ounces of vodka each day.

13. ‘The Beer Man’ was a suspected serial killer who murdered 6 people in southern Mumbai in India between October 2006 and January 2007. This nickname gained prominence due to beer bottles left beside each body, which was the only link between the deaths.

14. While sexual sadist and serial killer Peter Kürten was being led to the guillotine, he said to a priest, “Tell me... after my head is chopped off, will I still be able to hear, at least for a moment, the sound of my own blood gushing from the stump of my neck? That would be the pleasure to end all pleasures.”

15. Adolfo Constanzo was a drug dealer and serial killer. He was nicknamed “dark wizard.” An ally of Mexican cartels, Constanzo used the organs of his victims as ingredients for his spells and rituals, eventually becoming the leader of his own gang/cult known as The Narcosatanists.

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16Karla Homolka

Karla Homolka

Karla Homolka is a Canadian serial killer, she and her husband tortured killed three children including her little sister. She was then released in 2005 with no supervision and is now remarried with three children.

17. A nurse named Niels Högel is one of the most prolific medical serial killers of all time (85 confirmed, more than 300 suspected). He administered lethal doses of heart meds to patients so he could try to revive them in front of colleagues for attention and praise.

18. The Marc Dutroux case, in which a Belgian serial killer and child molester was convicted of having kidnapped, tortured, and sexually abused six girls from 1995 to 1996, is so infamous that more than a third of Belgians with the surname "Dutroux" applied to have their name changed.

19. A Brazilian serial killer named Pedro Rodrigues Filho killed about 100 people and was jailed for more than 30 years. Because of Brazilian laws, he is currently free and is a popular YouTuber.

20. A serial killer named Baba Anujka from Serbia is believed to have killed as many as 150 people using poison during the 19th and 20th centuries. She was apprehended in 1928 at the age of 90 and sentenced to 15 years in prison in 1929 as an accomplice in two murders. She was released due to old age after spending eight years in prison.

21Dorángel Vargas

Dorángel Vargas

A cannibalistic serial killer named Dorángel Vargas from Venezuela while serving his prison sentence in 2016 murdered three inmates and then served their remains to other inmates.

22. There was a serial killer priest named Juan Severino Mallari in the Philippines who killed 57 people to free his mother from being "bewitched."

23. A 15th-century knight named Gilles de Rais upon retirement from military service became a serial killer of children. The trial was well-documented, including information on how/why he killed them. Estimates place the number of victims between 80-200. He was hung for his crimes in 1440 A.D. at the age of 35.

24. A serial killer named John Edward Robinson gave away the infant daughter of one of his victims, Lisa Stasi, to his brother and sister-in-law in 1985, for only $5,500 in “legal fees”. They were unable to have children and couldn't adopt through legal means.

25. Samuel Little was the most prolific American serial killer. He claimed to have killed as many as 93 women and the FBI has confirmed his involvement in at least 50 murders, the largest number of proven cases for any serial killer in US history.


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