25 Flavorful Facts About Ice-Cream You Should Probably Know, But Don’t


The name "Häagen-Dazs" is completely meaningless. The Jewish creator of the ice cream wanted a "Danish sounding" name to honor the Danish treatment of Jews during World War 2 and started saying gibberish names until he found one that he liked.

2Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood ran for mayor in the city of Carmel in California, campaigning against an ordinance banning the sale of ice cream and he actually won.

3Sacha Baron Cohen

The FBI assigned a surveillance team to Sacha Baron Cohen while the filming of Borat due to reports of a "Middle Eastern man traveling in an ice cream truck."

4Ice cream

In 1940, scientists concluded that consumption of ice cream was the leading cause of the polio epidemic, solely based on the stats that there were more cases of polio in the summer, which was also when children ate most ice cream.

5Cookie dough ice cream

The world's first batch of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream was made by Ben & Jerry's, inspired by an anonymous note left on their flavor suggestion board.

6Ice cream graveyard

Ben and Jerry's has a real physical graveyard in Vermont for retired ice cream flavors.

7Star Spangled Ice Cream

Star Spangled Ice Cream was created as a politically conservative alternative to Ben & Jerry's, which was seen as too liberal.

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8Cold Stone

Cold Stone's "No Drip" ice cream doesn't melt because it contains Instant Pudding Mix.

9Ice cream van

During a riot in Northern Ireland in 2010, a police officer diffused the situation by playing ice cream van music.

10The Vermonster

Ben and Jerry's sell a sundae named 'The Vermonster'. It contains 20 scoops of ice cream, 4 ladles of hot fudge and 500 grams of fat. It is 14,000 calories.


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