25 Best Kept Secrets That’ll Scare You – Part 2

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In the early ‘80s, the CIA helped facilitate the widespread sale of cocaine in poor Los Angeles neighborhoods to help finance the covert war against the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. Gary Webb, the reporter from the San Jose Mercury News who first broke the story of CIA involvement in the cocaine trade, was found dead with “two gunshot wounds to the head.” His death, in 2004, was ruled a suicide.

22Machine Identification Code

Machine Identification Code is a series of secret dots that certain printers leave on every piece of paper they print, giving clues to the originator and identification of the device that printed it. It was developed in the 1980s by Canon and Xerox but wasn't discovered until 2004.

23Armstrong’s Secret

It is unknown what Neil Armstrong took with him to the moon personally and the record of his personal property kit was never found. Armstrong made an unscripted visit to a crater and it is speculated he left his late daughter's bracelet there.

24Spy Satellites

A group of amateur astronomers around the world hunt and track government spy satellites. Governments classify these top-secret missions, but a group of dedicated spy hunters tracks the satellites and publishes the data for fun.

25Royal Archives

The ‘Foreign and Commonwealth Office migrated archives’ are sensitive and incriminating collections of documents from Britain’s former colonial governments that were sent back to the UK on the eve of decolonization for storage in the FCO archives to avoid their disclosure and subsequent embarrassment to Her Majesty's Government. In 2011, human rights atrocities were uncovered from these archives that were committed by British troops during the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya during the 1950s. There were details in the uncovered documents about detention camps and torture that occurred during the conflict. It gave grounds for surviving Mau Mau to seek compensation against the crown in recent years. The atrocities of the conflict were not widely known about until then.


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