25 Active Facts About The World of Martial Arts



A big group of women in the Ukraine have formed a modern amazon tribe called Asgarda. Their goal is to have complete autonomy from men, they train in different martial arts and sciences, and live in the Carpathian Mountains.

2Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley once handed Alice Cooper one of his guns and asked him to point it at him to show off his karate skills. Cooper later said that he genuinely wanted to pull the trigger to do something legendary with his life, but Elvis knocked the gun out of his hand and pinned him before he could fire.



MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) was an event at the ancient Olympics. It was called Pankration and is the only event that hasn't been reinstated with the creation of the modern Olympics.

4Bare-knuckle boxing

Bare-knuckle boxing

There is a growing consensus that bare-knuckle boxing is safer than gloved boxing. This is because the bones in the hand are considerably weaker than those in the skull, meaning the bare-knuckle fighter can't punch with full force to the head.

5Sylvester Stallone and Earnie Shavers

Sylvester Stallone and Earnie Shavers

During the making of "Rocky", Sylvester Stallone asked Earnie Shavers (widely regarded as the hardest puncher in boxing) to punch him for real. After 1 punch, Stallone vomited.

6Sumo wrestlers

Sumo wrestlers

Sumo wrestlers of the lowest ranks must always wear wooden sandals in public. The clacking sound of their footsteps is a reminder to improve their skills.

7Karate belts

Karate belts

Karate belts go from lighter to darker colors as you rank up since Japan was poor during World War 2, and dyeing the belts were cheaper than getting new ones.

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8John Giuffrida

John Giuffrida

A fire fighter named John Giuffrida who was receiving $75,000 a year disability pension was caught competing in brutal kickboxing competitions.

9Bob Barker

Bob Barker

Bob Barker is a black belt in karate and was trained by Chuck Norris and his brother Aaron. He volunteered to fight Adam Sandler in their scene together in Happy Gilmore.

10Jason David Frank

Jason David Frank

Jason David Frank (green power ranger) is actually a 7th degree black belt, a pro MMA fighter, developed his own style of karate, & held the world record for most pine boards broken in free fall.

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