24 Holy Unreal Facts About Vatican Popes Throughout History

21Pope Gregory IX

Pope Gregory IX considered cats to be the 'incarnation of Satan,' which led to a mass killing of cats, which resulted in the rat population to swell. This therefore quickened the spread of the Black Death in Europe.

22Pope Sylvester II

Pope Sylvester II allegedly built an autonomous brazen head and ascended to the papal throne by making a deal with a demon. 

23Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II liked Yoo-hoo chocolate milk. As Popes do not give commercial endorsements, a subsequent statement from his spokesman denied that the pontiff had any particular preference among American milk drinks.

24Pope Julius II

Pope Julius II was a military man who led the papal armies to battle frequently. When he saw Michelangelo carving his statue with a bible in hand he exclaimed "What do I know of Bibles? I am a warlord, give me a sword instead."


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