23 Surprising Facts About Postal Services Around the World

1UPS drivers

UPS drivers don't take the shortest routes. UPS has special software which optimizes each route by eliminating as many left-hand turns as possible. As result, UPS claims it uses 10 million gallons less fuel, emits 20,000 tonnes less carbon dioxide and delivers 350,000 more packages every year.

2USPS mail delivery vehicles

USPS mail delivery vehicles are 25-30 years old and use engines designed in the 1970s that get 10 MPG.

3Royal Mail underground railway

The UK Royal Mail ran an underground railway network in London of driverless trains from 1927 until 2003 to move mail between sorting offices.

4Mule mail train

The most rural post office in the US is the Supai Post Office which is located is at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and is serviced by a mule train that takes 2.5 hours to reach it. It services the Havasupai reservation and demonstrates the obligation of the US Postal System to service every community.

5Duck hunting stamp

The US Post Office sells a $25 stamp that's required for duck hunting. The proceeds go to conservation efforts.

6FedEx pilot

In 1994, a disgruntled FedEx employee hijacked and tried to crash the FedEx Flight 705. He used hammers and a spear gun as weapons. The pilots, though severely injured, inverted the cargo jet, pinning a hijacker to the ceiling of the plane and performed maneuvers beyond all known capabilities to land safely.

7Long Life Vehicle

The mail truck most commonly used by the USPS was produced by Grumman and is called the Long Life Vehicle. Production began in 1987, and a new one hasn't been produced since 1994.

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8US Postal Service

The US Postal Service began home delivery during the Civil War after a postal worker became so torn up by seeing women lined up in the cold to see if a letter had arrived from a son or husband at the front lines that he started delivering mail to homes.


In 2014, FedEx was charged with distribution of controlled substances and a conspiracy to distribute misbranded drugs. DEA told it to stop catering to list of drug dealers, but refused to give the list when FedEx tried to comply. FedEx pleaded not guilty since they had no way to tell who was on the list.

10USPS mail

According to the USPS, if you ever receive unsolicited merchandise in the mail it is yours to freely keep. It is also considered a rare instance where "finders, keepers" applies unconditionally.


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