23 Strange Historic Facts About World’s Ancient Cities


In the ancient Indian Kingdom of Golconda, the king Ibrahim Wali designed and built a fortress city so acoustically perfect that a hand clap at the fortress gates could be heard at the top of the citadel itself, located on the summit of a 300 foot hill.

2Vilarinho Da Furna

In Portugal, there is an ancient city named Vilarinho Da Furna that is submerged in water, but during dry spells, the water levels go down enough that you can see it. This 2000-year-old town was destroyed by an electric company when it constructed a dam in 1967.


In the ancient Greek city of Sybaris, the citizens, derided by famous writers of the time for their extremely luxurious lifestyles, had canals built that transported wine directly from the countryside into their personal cellars. The cavalry from the ancient city of Sybaris trained their horses to dance to pipe music and then were defeated by an army attacking them with music.


The Ancient Egyptians had a city called Crocodilopolis. It contained a sacred lake where crocodiles were worshipped, fed and adorned with jewelry.


The ancient city of Jericho (currently in Palestine) is the world’s oldest walled city, with evidence of stone fortifications dating back nearly 9,000 years. Archaeological digs have turned up traces of habitation that are even older up to 11,000 years ago.

6El Mirador

A huge ancient Mayan city named El Mirador has been discovered in Guatemala and it holds one of the world's largest pyramids. The La Danta temple measures approximately 72 meters (236 feet) tall from the forest floor.


In the ancient city of Timbuktu in Mali there are an estimated 300,000 or more precolonial African literary manuscripts tucked away in various libraries and private collections, mostly written in Arabic and some in native languages. Topics include herbal medicine, mathematics, astronomy, poetry, law, history, faith, politics, and philosophy.

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The ancient of city Caral in Peru features Pyramids which were built around the same time period that the Great Pyramids of Egypt were built. The city also shows no traces of warfare, indicating that the site was built as a place for “Commerce and Pleasure.”

9Catal Huyuk

The ancient city Catal Huyuk (in the present day Turkey) was one of the first recorded cities in history, but it didn't have any streets. The dwellings were clustered like a honeycomb-maze. Most of the houses were accessed by holes in the ceiling and doors on the side of the houses, with doors reached by ladders and stairs.


An Ancient city named “Seuthopolis” was discovered in the bottom of a lake in Bulgaria. It was founded in 323 B.C. The city was discovered and researched between 1948 and 1954. Unfortunately, this discovery came too late, because the reservoir dam being constructed nearby soon flood the valley and drowned this city. Right now there is a project underway to restore the city.


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