23 Interesting Facts From The ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Movies

21Fantastic Beasts

In the opening scene of the Fantastic Beasts movie, the first notes of music reference John Williams’ iconic theme from the main series before changing into an original composition.


The wizarding currency used in the Harry Potter books is knuts, sickles, and galleons, but apparently, even wizards have to convert their money to American currency. In the film, Americans don’t use dollar and cents, but dragots and sprinks.


A Niffler is a small treasure hunter that looks like a cross between a mole and a platypus and has a penchant for shiny things. In the Fantastic Beasts movie, it’s Newt’s Niffler that sets the story in motion. When the creature escapes from Newt’s briefcase, he goes on a stealing spree, and Scamander recruits the non-magical Jacob Kowalski to help him catch it.


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