23 Facts From Freak Vehicular Accidents That’ll Raise Your Hair

11Evansville Men's Basketball Team

The 1977 University of Evansville Men's Basketball Team was killed in a plane crash. One player didn't make the trip due to an illness. He was killed in a car wreck 2 weeks later.

12Bertrand Russell

Philosopher Bertrand Russell, while aboard a flight in Norway, asked the flight crew to seat him in the smoking section, claiming that "If I cannot smoke, I should die." The plane later crash landed into a bay, drowning everybody in the non-smoking section.

13Peace Pilgrim

A woman named Peace Pilgrim walked across the US continuously for 28 years, only to be killed in an automobile accident while being driven to a speaking engagement about her travels.

14F1 car crash

In 2004, a $300,000 diamond was lost in an F1 crash. The diamond was attached to the car to promote Ocean's 12 and was never recovered from the crash.


The MGM lion Jackie was in a plane crash and survived on sandwiches.


In 2010, a plane crashed in the Democratic Republic of Congo, killing 20 people, because everyone onboard ran to one end of the plane and it became severely imbalanced. They were fleeing a crocodile that escaped confinement. The croc survived the crash.


If a person has had part of their body crushed in an accident and trapped for more than 15 minutes, you should not free them without medical personnel on the scene. Crushed muscles break down into toxic byproducts, and releasing the pressure lets these flow into the body, killing the person.

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18Frane Salek

There was a man named Frane Salek who survived a train derailment, a door coming off of an airplane, a bus crash, a fiery car, and two car accidents only to later win the lottery.

19Maurice Wilson

Maurice Wilson in 1934 died in an attempt to climb Mount Everest by flying halfway around the world, crash-landing on the mountain, and then walking to the summit despite having no experience in either mountaineering or aviation.

20MiG 23

In 1989, a MiG-23 pilot mistakenly ejected on take off from Poland, and the aircraft continued flying 560 miles on autopilot only to crash into a house in Belgium killing a teenager.


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