23 Cute & Cuddly Facts About Babies

11Maternity Starter Kit

Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes. The government offers expectant mothers a maternity starter kit or a cash grant. 95% opt for the kit which includes a cardboard box that doubles as a crib. It has helped Finland achieve one of the world's lowest infant mortality rates.

12Vitamin deficiency

Newborns with a vitamin D deficiency have a 44% increased risk of being diagnosed with schizophrenia as adults compared to those with normal vitamin D levels. The developing fetus is totally reliant on the mother's vitamin D stores.

13Emma Bazzard

A 3-year-old girl named Emma Bazzard from Bristol was awarded for bravery after successfully calling and informing emergency services that her pregnant mother had an accident and was unconscious. Remaining calm through the whole affair she gave them the address, checked if she was breathing and where she got hurt.


In 2013, a baby in Poland was born with 23 times the legal blood alcohol content after his mom went on a drinking binge the night before.

15Human babies

Human babies are helpless because we walk upright. Walking upright requires a narrow pelvis, in which our large head/brain would get stuck during birth, so babies are born with a smaller head/brain that develops more after birth, compared to other mammals.

16Baby girl

In 2005, a newborn baby girl was abandoned in a forest in Kenya for 2 days. It was rescued by a stray dog foraging for food. The dog carried the baby all the way back to her own litter of puppies.

17Paulie Hynek

In 2011, a 2-year-old boy named Paulie Hynek from Wisconsin survived after being found freezing in a snowbank overnight when he wandered outside looking for his mom. He had no heartbeat, no breathing, and no brain activity when he was found. Doctors wouldn't declare him dead until he was warmed up. He survived after his blood was warmed.

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18International waters baby

Babies born in international waters have their birthplace listed as "AT SEA." Those born in the air where no country claims sovereignty are listed as "IN THE AIR."

19Deaf babies

Deaf babies engage in "fingerbabble" that mimics the verbal babbling of their hearing peers. When raised around signing parents, they start forming repetitive, rudimentary sign shapes with their hands that resemble monosyllabic verbal babbles.


Infants are grouchy around 6-9 months because their hormones spike to pubertal levels. This period is referred to as “mini puberty.” Hormones then drop back to normal until the age pre-teens go through ‘real’ puberty.


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