22 Stupid Lawsuits That Were Too Crazy To Ignore

11L. Pearson Jr.

A judge named Roy L. Pearson Jr. once tried to sue an immigrant dry cleaners for $67 million after they "lost" his pants, claiming inconvenience, mental anguish, attorney's fees for representing himself, and as a result of their failure to live up to a "satisfaction guaranteed" sign that was displayed in the store.

12Robert De Niro

In 1999, Robert De Niro threatened to sue the owners of a restaurant called 'De Niro's Supper Club' under section 3 of the BC Privacy Act. In response, the restaurant changed its name to 'Section (3).'

13Juraj Herz

Slovak filmmaker Juraj Herz wanted to sue Steven Spielberg for Schindler's List but he couldn't come up with the money to fund it. According to him, the scene where a group of women confuses a shower for a gas chamber was taken directly from his own The Night Overtake Me (1986) shot for shot.

14Oprah Winfrey

In 1998, a group of cattle ranchers sued Oprah Winfrey after she made disparaging comments about beef. About 13 states in USA have food libel laws which allow companies to sue people who speak badly about their food.

15Lindsay Lohan

American actress Lindsay Lohan attempted to sue Rockstar Games stating the character Lacey Jones in GTA 5 was based on her.

16Robert Lee Brock

In 1995, an inmate named Robert Lee Brock tried to sue himself for $5 million because he violated his own civil rights by getting arrested. He then asked the state to pay because he had no income in jail.


Two boys tried to sue Nintendo in 1999 alleging that Pokémon caused their gambling addictions.

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18Ben Edelman

In 2014, a Harvard business school professor named Ben Edelman in Boston threatened to sue a Chinese restaurant because the prices on their website were out of date. He was over charged a total of $4.


In 2004, the U.S. Department of Agriculture threatened to sue farmers who tested their cattle for Mad Cow Disease on the grounds that it "might create the false impression that beef that is not tested is unsafe."

20Scott Stapp

In 2003, Creed fans sued the band over their notoriously poor performance during which frontman Scott Stapp allegedly appeared drunk, had trouble singing and passed out. The suit asked the band to refund ticket and parking costs for all 15,000 fans who attended, at a cost of about $2 million.

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