20 Wild Facts About Men You Just Didn’t Know – Part 2

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1Kevin Hines

Kevin Hines

A man named Kevin Hines survived a jump from the Golden Gate Bridge but broke his back on impact. He was saved from drowning by a sea lion who kept him afloat until rescuers could reach him.

2. On May 7, 1902, a man named Ludger Sylbaris was thrown into solitary confinement after a bar brawl in the town of Saint-Pierre which is located on the island of Martinique in the Caribbean Islands. The very next day, the biggest volcanic eruption of the 20th century destroyed the whole island, but he was one of only three known survivors of the event because his cell was bombproof and poorly ventilated. The cell in which he survived still stands today.

3. In 2016, a New York man named Aitabdel Salem spent 5 months in prison because he didn't know his bail was only $2.

4. In 2010, a man named Andrew Nicklin from the West Midlands, UK was arrested for recording his neighbor’s noisy dogs and playing the noise back at his neighbor.

5. A man named Dean Karnazes has a physiological advantage in that he doesn't seem to have a lactate threshold and thus he was able to run 350 miles in under 81 hours without sleep.

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6Werner Forssmann

Werner Forssmann

Werner Forssmann was the first man to perform cardiac catheterization. He did it on himself then walked downstairs to the radiology department to take the x-ray to prove you would not die. He was fired, became a Nazi and then won the Nobel Prize.

7. A local fisherman in Costa Rica named Gilberto “Chito” Shedden nursed a crocodile back to health after it had been shot in the head, and released the reptile back to its home. The next day, the man discovered “Pocho” had followed him home and was sleeping on the man's porch. For 20 years, Pocho became part of the man's family.

8. A Chinese man bought and raised two puppies, whom he cared for despite their frequent killing and eating of his chickens. He later discovered that they were bears.

9. A homeless man named Leo Grand was offered $100 or the chance to learn how to code by a stranger. He chose how to code and released an app.

10. In 2013, a man in Florida ran to his brother's bedroom after hearing him scream only to find the entire room and his brother being swallowed by a sinkhole. They were never able to find the body of his brother.

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11Richard Handl

Richard Handl

A Swedish man named Richard Handl was arrested for trying to split atoms of uranium on his kitchen stove. On 2011, he was detained by police after he personally called the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) to inquire whether his project was legal or not.

12. In 2015, a man named Adam Armstrong changed his name by deed poll to match his misprinted airline ticket as it was cheaper than paying the airline’s admin fee.

13. A Chicago man named Brandon Preveau bought a car in his ex-girlfriend's name and - after the breakup - abandoned it by illegally parking it at the O'hare airport. The car then accumulated over $100,000 on 678 parking tickets, which the city asked the ex-girlfriend to pay.

14. In 2007, a man named Michael Moylan in Florida woke up with a splitting migraine. When he arrived at the hospital, doctors found a bullet in his head. His wife had shot him in the head while he was asleep.

15. A man named Sholam Weiss led a scheme that defrauded a life insurance company out of $450 million. For his crimes, he was sentenced to 845 years in US federal prison, later reduced to 835 years, and his projected release date is November 23, 2754.

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16Timothy Treadwell

Timothy Treadwell

American environmentalist Timothy Treadwell, also known as the “Grizzly Man” auditioned for the role of Woody Boyd on “Cheers,” but lost the role to Woody Harrelson. He eventually went to Alaska to live there for 13 summers among Grizzlies for filming them, until being eaten by one with his camera capturing the audio of the attack.

17. A man on death row named Brandon Rhode attempted suicide by cutting his throat before his execution date. Following the attempt, he was rushed to a local hospital where he was stabilized and saved. He was then executed a few days later.

18. A homeless man named Gangaram Mahes in New York City would regularly order an expensive dinner at a restaurant and refuse to pay for it in order to be sent to prison where he would receive 3 meals a day and a clean bed. He refused to commit more serious crimes to get longer sentences as he did not want to hurt anyone.

19. In 1974, an Ohio man named David Shapira left a condition in his will that his son Daniel Jacob Shapira would only get his inheritance upon marrying a Jewish woman with two Jewish parents. If he did not do so within 7 years, the money would be given to the State of Israel. The son sued the bank and lost.

20. A man named Ted Jorgensen had abandoned his son at birth. Years later, he got a visit from a biographer walking in his bike shop. The biographer asked him about his son who he had never heard of up until that moment. He son turned out to be Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon.com.

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