20 Wild Facts About Alaska You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

11Alaskan oil pipeline

In 2001, a drunken Alaskan gunman named Daniel Carson Lewis once shot a hole in the Alaskan oil pipeline. He had to pay for the $17 million cleanups and received 16 years in jail.

121964 earthquake

The 1964 earthquake in Alaska was so big that water sloshed in the wells in Africa. It had a magnitude of 9.2, making it the second-largest earthquake in recorded history.

13Aurora Ice Hotel

The Aurora Ice Hotel in Alaska was made entirely of ice. Ice walls, ceiling, beds, bar, barstools, even martini glasses were made of ice. It was closed by the fire marshall for not having smoke detectors.

14Roadkill cuisine

In Alaska, people report roadkill to authorities, who butcher it and give to the needy.

15Ice worm

An ice worm thrives on the glaciers of Alaska and will actually melt if heated to 40°F.


In Fairbanks, Alaska it is illegal for a moose to enter a saloon (via the sidewalk). This law was created to try to stop a local tavern keeper from getting his pet moose drunk and prevent the moose's frequent drunken rampages.

17Frozen frogs

There is a species of a frog in Alaska that freezes during the winter and while frozen, the frog stops breathing, its heart stops beating, its blood stops flowing, and it cannot move. However, when spring arrives, the frog’s body thaws and the frog returns to normal life.

18Snow import

In 2016, Anchorage, Alaska was so snow-starved that they actually had to import 7 train cars full of snow for the starting section of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

19USA and Alaska

From 1787 through 1912, the US never went for more than 15 years without adding a state. Then 47 years passed before Alaska joined the union and the US is now in the longest period in US history without a state being added (54 years).

20Closest point

At their closest points, Alaska and Russia are only 2.5 miles apart.


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