20 Unique Organizations You Didn’t Know About

1The Ring Finders

The Ring Finders is a worldwide organization of metal-detection enthusiasts who recover lost items at little to no cost. Members have about an 80% success rate at finding lost keys, rings, cellphones, time capsules, burial urns and more.

2Scientific-Humanitarian Committee

Scientific-Humanitarian Committee is the world's first pro-LGBT organization that was found in 1897 in current Germany. They sought to repeal a law that criminalized sex between males and amongst the people that signed their petition was Albert Einstein.

3House With A Heart

There is a non-profit organization called "House With A Heart" that takes in and cares for senior dogs, many with special needs, that have been abandoned by their owners. The facility operates as a hospice, seeing to it that older dogs are not consigned to dying in shelters, or worse.

4International Dark-Sky Association

The International Dark-Sky Association is an organization dedicated to fighting light pollution and preserving the night sky in areas around the planet called dark sky reserves.

5Think Before You Pink

There is an organization called Think Before You Pink which warns you of other organizations that are profiting from Breast Cancer Awareness.

6Cicada 3301

There is a cryptic organization called Cicada 3301 that posts challenging puzzles and games online, possibly to recruit codebreakers and linguists.

7National Odd Shoe Exchange

There is an organization called the National Odd Shoe Exchange where you can send and receive shoes if your feet are different sizes.

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8Wine to Water

There is an organization that utilizes wine tastings to dig wells in Africa. They call themselves Wine to Water.

9Eve Appeal

The Eve Appeal is a UK organization that raises awareness about gynecological cancers. It found that only half of women aged 26- 35 were able to label the vagina accurately.


There is a non-profit organization called B612 which is dedicated to defending the Earth against asteroids.


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