20 Shocking Secrets & Stats About Eggs Everyone Should Know


Kiwi (bird) lays the largest egg in proportion to its size, almost 20% of its body weight.

12Cichlid fish eggs

There is a type of Catfish that lays its eggs among the eggs of the Cichlid fish, which carries its young in its mouth. These eggs will then hatch first inside the unwilling adoptive mother's mouth, and proceed to eat the Cichlid eggs present before being released by the Cichlid.

13Chicken trial

In 1474, a chicken passing for a rooster in Basel, Switzerland was sentenced to burn at the stake for committing the “heinous and unnatural crime of laying an egg.”


Only 1 of every 20,000 eggs might contain the bacteria. So, the likelihood that an egg might contain salmonella is extremely small – 0.005% (five one-thousandths of one percent). At this rate, if you’re an average consumer, you might encounter a contaminated egg once every 84 years.

15American Egg Board

The American Egg Board disapproves of the iconic “This is Your Brain on Drugs” ad campaign because it could make kids think eggs are unhealthy.

16Crist is coming

In 1806, a con artist named Mary Bateman inscribed “Crist is coming” on chicken eggs before shoving them back up into the chicken. She charged a penny to witness the eggs being laid. Later, Bateman was executed for murder, and strips of her skin were sold as charms to ward off evil spirits.

17Bumblebee eggs

Unfertilized bumblebee eggs become males, and only fertilized eggs grow into females and queens.

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18Emerald Cockroach Wasp

Emerald Cockroach Wasp injects venom into a specific part of a cockroach’s brain to stop its escape/survival instinct response. Then it lays an egg in the cockroach’s abdomen. The larva eats the organs in a specific way to keep the roach alive before it cocoons and leaves its body.


The reason why breakfast isn't served all day at McDonald's is mainly because the grill temperature required to cook beef patties is significantly different from the temperature at which eggs are cooked.

20Penguin eggs

In 1912, three men set out to recover emperor penguin eggs from Antarctica. It was so cold one man’s teeth chattered so violently that they shattered. When he returned to the UK the National History Museum refused to accept the eggs.


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