20 Scary Facts About Bears That’ll Surprise You

11Spirit bears

Some black bears are born white and are called Spirit bears. They are not albino or polar bears.


Pandas can poop up to 48 pounds per day.

13Pablo EskoBear

Pablo EskoBear was a nickname given to a 175lb black bear that died from a drug overdose after he consumed about half his own weight in cocaine. The bear was later stuffed and it is now a tourist attraction in Kentucky. He currently has a note hanging around his neck warning: “Don't do drugs.”

14Bile bear

12,000 bears are farmed for their bile in Asia which is used in traditional Chinese medicine. They generate $2 billion per year. Farming always involves surgery on the bears to insert a catheter or to cut a hole through the abdomen by which the bile leaks. Bear bile has no medicinal effect.

15Brown bears

Brown bears can achieve running speeds of 48 kilometers per hour (30mph) or as fast as a racehorse.

16Hungry bears

When hungry bears tear into a beehive, they are actually looking for tasty bee larvae, which they much prefer over the plentiful honey inside.

17Polar bears

Polar bears have a bone inside their penis to keep an erection going, and global pollution is causing this bone to weaken to the point where they are breaking.

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Bears have favorite trees that they travel for miles to scratch their back on.

19Female black bears

Female black bears delay the implantation of their fertilized eggs for months, effectively timing when they will give birth, and aborting the pregnancy if they are not healthy enough to rear cubs.

20Chi Chi

Chi Chi, a giant panda was sexually attracted to humans and refused attempts at mating by other giant pandas. Instead, she made full sexual self-presentation to zookeepers.


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