20 Precious Facts About the Global Currencies That Move the World




The largest single bloc of opposition to the elimination of the penny from American currency circulation is the zinc industry, which earns millions per year from their production.



JCPenney tried to do away with fake retail sales and implemented flat rate pricing. They failed miserably and lost $700 million.

3Oral Roberts

Oral Roberts

A televangelist named Oral Roberts once told his viewers that if he didn't receive $8 million in 3 months God would kill him. He received over $9 million in that period of time.

4Teri Horton

Teri Horton

A 73-year-old woman named Teri Horton bought a painting from a thrift store for $5 only to later discover thanks to a fingerprint on the canvas that it was actually an unsigned Jackson Pollock worth millions of dollars.

5Origami Pigs

Origami Pigs

A man tried to pay $137 traffic ticket with 137 dollar bills folded into origami pigs, delivered in two Dunkin Donuts boxes.

6McDonald's monopoly

McDonald's monopoly

If you win the million dollar prize on the McDonald's monopoly game, they actually pay you $50,000 per year for 20 years.

7Shredded US Currency

Shredded US Currency

For $45, the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing will sell you a 5-lb bag with $10,000 worth of shredded U.S. currency.

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8Yapese currency

Yapese currency

The Yapese people on the Micronesian island of Yap use large stone "coins" for money which can weigh up to 8,800 lbs. Rather than move them, they usually just keep track of who the owner is. When one was lost at sea, people continued to "trade" it even though it was never recovered, since they all agreed it must still exist.

9$100 platinum coin

$100 platinum coin

There is a $100 coin that is legal U.S. tender. They weigh 1 ounce and are 99.95% platinum. This is the highest face value ever to appear on a U.S. coin.



The African Union intends to have a single, continent-wide currency modeled on the Euro. One proposed name for the currency is the "Afro."


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