20 More Shocking Unsolved Mysteries That Will Leave You Questioning Reality

1Lady Dais

Lady Dais

Lady Dais of the Han Dynasty is China’s eternal mummy. Found over 2,000 years after her death, she remains one of the world’s well- preserved mummy. Upon discovery she still had moist, soft skin, movable limbs, intact organs and veins with still small amounts of type A blood in them, distinct finger prints and more! She was buried in a mysterious liquid that scientists still can’t replicate.

2Ricky McCormick

Ricky McCormick

In 1999 the decomposed body of Ricky McCormick was found in St. Charles County, Missouri along with two handwritten notes which appeared to be encrypted notes. To this day nobody has deciphered the notes, foiling even the FBI's best crypt-analysts. Ricky was a 41-year-old, unemployed high school drop-out with heart and lung issues. He was pretty much illiterate, so how did the coded messages get there? In 2011, FBI's Cryptanalysis and Racketeering Records Unit (CRRU) & the American Cryptogram Association failed to decipher his encrypted notes after nearly 12 years of his death, so they issued an appeal for help from the public in obtaining the meaning of the messages.

3300 Million Yen robbery

300 Million Yen robbery

In 1968, a car driven by bank employees was pulled over by a motorcycle cop claiming the car had been rigged with a bomb. The cop got under the car to “defuse” the device. When the car started to smoke, everybody ran and then the "cop" just drove the car away. The 300 Million Yen robbery still remains unsolved. It is the largest heist in Japanese history.

4Boston Museum Heist

Boston Museum Heist

About 13 paintings were stolen from an art museum in Boston in 1990 by two thieves dressed in police uniforms, who tricked museum security into letting them access the gallery. Value of the paintings lost was over $500 million, making it the largest private property heist in history. The case still remains unsolved.

5Fast Radio bursts

Fast Radio bursts

Scientists have recently discovered repeating radio signals coming from a mysterious source well beyond the Milky Way. While one-off fast radio bursts (FRBs) have been detected in the past, this is the first time multiple signals have been detected coming from the same place in space. They were theorized to be exploding stars but a recent observation of a sequence of these pulses from the same location essentially rules that out. One particular interesting FRB has been named FRB 121102. It is too bright to be radio-wave burps of evaporating supermassive black holes at galactic centers, and they are far too frequent to be easily explained as the echoes from energetic mergers of neutron star pairs. Similarly, gamma-ray bursts occur only about once a day, not often enough to be obviously associated with FRBs. The sources are thought to be a few hundred kilometers or less in size, as the bursts last for only a few milliseconds, and if the bursts come from cosmological distances, their sources must be very energetic, generating as much energy in a millisecond burst as the Sun does in 80 years. Some have speculated that these signals might be artificial in origin, that they may be signs of extraterrestrial intelligence.

6Pan Am 944 crash

Pan Am 944 crash

In 1957, Pan Am 944, a luxury airliner mysteriously crashed in the Pacific while carrying multiple people with motive, means, and opportunity to cause the disaster. The mystery behind its crash has remained unsolved for over 60 years.

7Pasagoula Abduction

Pasagoula Abduction

In 1979, two Mississippi men arrived at a sheriff's office claiming to have been abducted by aliens with lobster-claw hands. The local sheriff left them alone and secretly recorded them, expecting a hoax to be revealed. The sheriff was instead shocked when the two slowly continued to talk in “terribly distressed” voices about the abduction.

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8Michael Rockefeller

Michael Rockefeller

Michael Rockefeller, the son of then New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller, was collecting indigenous art in New Guinea in 1961 when he suddenly vanished. The official reason given for his death was drowning. Despite his father’s formidable resources Rockefellers never found any trace of him. Years later, Carl Hoffman, a reporter for National Geographic, traveled to New Guinea to investigate and heard a gruesome story. Michael had inadvertently stepped into the middle of a war between Dutch colonists and the Asmat tribe, and the Asmats scalped him, ate his brains, cooked his skin, and used his bones for tools. Then they covered themselves in his blood. The legend remains unconfirmed, but it continues to be passed down through the generations.

9Don Decker

Don Decker

In 1983, a young man by the name of Don Decker claimed that he could make it rain anywhere he wished, at any time. Decker was an inmate at the Monroe County jail in New York when his grandfather passed away. He was granted leave to go to the funeral and spend a few days with family, and that’s when the strange events began occurring. The night of the funeral, Decker was staying with family friends when he was seized by a deep chill and he slipped into some kind of trance. While in the trance, water started dripping from the ceiling and walls, but there were no pipes in the area and no conceivable reason for the leaks. As soon as Don left the home, the house went back to normal. The same thing occurred in a pizzeria Don visited, leading the owner to think that he was possessed by the devil. When he returned to prison, the walls and ceiling of his cell started leaking, leading officers to conclude that Don was making it rain. Thanks to assistance from a priest, the rain stopped and never occurred again, but the cause of the incidents remains a mystery to this day.

10Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

On the morning of August 5th 1962, Marilyn Monroe was found dead by apparent suicide in her Brentwood home. Although the case looked clean cut, there are people out there who believe that Monroe was murdered by the Kennedy family, who didn’t like her relationship with the president John F. Kennedy and were worried about how much she knew. Depending on what accounts you read, some sources state that Monroe was visited by a man and Rob Kennedy the day of her death, and witnesses of the visit were threatened into silence. Some also say that when the paramedics were called, Monroe was alive and received treatment. The possibility of foul play here is harrowing – and regardless of the truth, a sad end to the life of the troubled blonde bombshell. Apparently, there also exists a 15 minute video of Marilyn Monroe engaging in oral sex with a man that J. Edgar Hoover was convinced was President John Kennedy.

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