20 Historical Facts About World’s Best Universities


11Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University

In 2012, a Canadian university named Dalhousie University helped their stressed-out students by offering them a room full of puppies.

12Cornell University

Cornell University

Cornell University requires students to take a swimming test at orientation. If they fail, they have to take a Beginning Swimming class.

13Cambridge University

Cambridge University

Cambridge University was founded after local authorities in Oxford hanged two scholars for the death of a woman. In protest, Oxford University went into suspension and many scholars moved to Cambridge, eventually forming the nucleus of a new university.

14Bob Jones University

Bob Jones University

Bob Jones University is a Protestant college in Greenville, South Carolina that lost its tax-exempt status in 1983 due to racial discrimination, and chose to pay millions in taxes rather than change its policies regarding interracial dating. However, the University dropped its policy on interracial dating in 2000 and just regained tax-exempt status in February of 2017.

15Illinois State University

Illinois State University

Illinois State University has a health and wellness program called the G Spot that gives out free condoms, lube, and information. It moves around campus constantly, and the concept is to, "Find the G Spot."

16University of Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire offers two years of Ojibwe Language, a "Certificate of Ojibwe Language", as well as free live and archived online classes.



A university called 42 is free, doesn’t care about SAT scores and wants to educate 10,000 students within the next 5 years. When the French President visited the campus in Paris there were students sleeping on the floor in the hallway.

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18Fordham University

Fordham University

Fordham University is a gated community of college students where the tuition is more than $65,000 a year, keeps their student body “protected” from the rest of The Bronx by its gates and security guards. Students have commented on the disconnect between the Fordham campus and its community.

19Des destinées de l'ame

Des destinées de l'ame

Harvard University has a 19th-century book "Des destinées de l'ame" by Arsène Houssaye, that is bound in human skin.



Chicago State University features a state of the art automated storage and retrieval system called ROVER. It can retrieve five books in 2.5 minutes, on average. The average time for a student to retrieve five books is 2 hours.


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