20 Fizzy Facts About Coca-Cola That’ll Blow Your Mind


In 2004, Coca-Cola introduced their 'Dasani' water brand at a premium price in the UK. It was discovered to be London mains water that was simply put through reverse osmosis. Somehow they also introduced a carcinogen called bromate into the water and the brand had to be shut down when public found out.


Coca-Cola bottled in Cleveland, Ohio never switched to high-fructose corn syrup. They have always used natural sugar.

3OK Soda

Coca-Cola tried to market "OK" soda so they would have products named with the two most recognizable words in the world. While "OK" and "Coke" are still number one and two, "OK" soda never caught on and was discontinued shortly after launch.

4Coca-Cola secret

In 2006, three people tried to sell Coca Cola’s secret new product to Pepsi. Pepsi proceeded to report them to Coca-Cola and the FBI.

5White Coke

With the help of Dwight Eisenhower, Coca-Cola produced a secret "White Coke" variant of the popular drink. It was made specifically for a powerful Soviet Military Marshall who loved Coca-Cola but needed to hide the fact he was drinking it as it was seen as an American imperialist product.


Coca-Cola introduced Tab-Clear to ruin the Crystal Pepsi marketing campaign. Tab-Clear was marketed as an inferior diet drink. This confused consumers into thinking Crystal Pepsi was also an inferior diet drink. Both drinks died within 6 months.

7Polar bear

Coca-Cola approved the use of their famous polar bear ad in the film Natural Born Killers without knowing what it was about and was furious when they found out.

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Coca-Cola sales in Sweden often drop more than 50% during Christmas, due to the tradition of drinking Julmust.

9Coca-Cola network

Coca-Cola's distribution network is being used to transport life-saving medicines to remote regions of Zambia.

10Coca-Cola invention

Coca-Cola was originally invented and marketed as a cure for morphine addiction.


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