20 Fierce Facts About The Many Species of Wild Cats Found Worldwide

1Amazon wildcat

The Amazonian Margay wildcat has the uncanny ability to mimic the distress call of a baby monkey to lure adult monkeys to its doom.

2Black panther

The black panther is not a species but a melanistic (opposite to albinistic) jaguar or leopard.


A jaguar’s primary killing canine teeth have nerves that help find the perfect point to clamp down to maximize killing effectiveness.

4Puma concolor

The cougar, mountain lion, puma, panther, and catamount are all actually the same cat, the Puma concolor.

5Cheetah's stride

Cheetah's average stride when it is running at full speed is around 22 feet in length.

6Asiatic lions

Asiatic lions still inhabit India's Gujarat state, making them the only lions to naturally live outside of Africa.

7Tiger's tongue

A tiger's tongue is so course, it can lick flesh down to the bone.

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8Maned Lioness

Sometimes female lions can develop manes. Such masculine females likely occur when the embryo is disrupted, either at conception or while in the womb.

9Iberian lynx

If the last of Iberian lynx population died out, it would be the first feline species to become extinct since prehistoric times.

10Pallas cat

The Pallas cat looks super-expressive because its face is short and its pupils are round like ours.


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