20 Fantastic Facts About Farmers to Cultivate Your Mind

11Fred Tuttle

A farmer named Fred Tuttle won the 1998 Republican primary for Vermont senator. He would ask his opponent, a millionaire "carpetbagger" from Massachusetts, questions at debates that only Vermonters would know. Tuttle would endorse his Democratic opponent of whom Tuttle said, "He knows how many tits on a cow."

12Aníbal Milhais

A Portuguese farmer named Aníbal Milhais turned soldier, held off two attacking German divisions with a Lewis Machine Gun solo, forcing them to bypass and eventually surround him. After not eating or drinking for 3 days, he rescued a trapped Scottish major and returned to Entente lines.

13Hinterkaifeck murders

In 1922, a German farmer found footprints leading from the woods to his farm, but no footprints going back. Days later he was murdered along with his whole family. The crime has never been solved.

14Lloyd Olsen

In 1945, a farmer named Lloyd Olsen chopped off a chicken's head and missed the jugular vein. A clot formed and some of the brains stem survived, providing basic homeostasis functions. Mike the headless chicken toured in sideshows for 18 months and earned the farmer $4,500 per month at the peak of his popularity.

15Karl Szmolinsky

In 2006, a German rabbit farmer named Karl Szmolinsky sent 12 giant rabbits (the size of dogs) to North Korea for the purpose of a breeding program, but he refused to send more after realizing that officials might have eaten the rabbits instead of breeding them.

16Robert Fidler

A British farmer named Robert Fidler in Surrey built a faux castle and hid it behind a towering wall of haystacks and tarps for 4 years trying to exploit a legal loophole that said a building was legal if no one complained about its presence for 4 years.

17Icelandic farmers

On August 25, 1970, a group of Icelandic farmers blew up a dam project on the Laxá River that would have swept away their farms. Around 100 farmers turned themselves in but no one would snitch on who lit the fuse. They all walked free.

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18Lal Bihari

An Indian farmer named Lal Bihari discovered that he had been declared legally dead when he tried to apply for a bank loan. He then spent 19 years trying to prove to the government he was actually alive.

19James Moon

On June 10, 1876, farmer, self-proclaimed inventor and Civil War veteran James Moon rode into Lafayette and got a room. He bought an ax and some iron plates, claiming to be "inventing an instrument for making fruit baskets." The next day, he was found beheaded by a crudely built guillotine.

20African farmer

Around 1500 A.D., an African farmer planted a maize seed imported from the New World. Today, maize accounts for more than half the calories people consume in many African countries. Maize supplanted Africa’s own historical grain crops—sorghum, millet, and rice.


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