20 Facts About Weird Disorders You Didn’t Know Exist – Part 2



Dermatillomania is a mental disorder characterized by the urge or impulse to repeatedly pick scabs.

12Ideomotor apraxia

Ideomotor apraxia

Ideomotor apraxia is a neurological disorder where people are unable to mentally picture and perform something by the command (please pretend to answer a phone) but can instinctively do the same thing when not asked (phone rings, person proceeds to pick up phone instinctively).



Amusia is a musical disorder that prevents those affected from being able to hear music. Most sufferers of amusia describe music as unpleasant. Others simply refer to it as noise and find it annoying.

14Anton–Babinski syndrome

Anton–Babinski syndrome

There is a psychological syndrome named Anton–Babinski syndrome caused by brain damage where blind people do not believe that they are blind, and argue vociferously that they can see.

15Selective Mutism

Selective Mutism

There is an anxiety disorder called Selective Mutism, where children (or adults) remain involuntarily mute in some situations. They may not even make any sound at all - including sneezing, coughing, the sound of footsteps, or even flushing the toilet.

16Pure Word Deafness

Pure Word Deafness

There is a disorder called Pure Word Deafness in which those affected are unable to comprehend spoken language while reading, writing, and speech are preserved. They can recognize non-verbal sounds, just not speech in the auditory modality.

17Lesch-Nyhan syndrome

Lesch-Nyhan syndrome

Patients with the rare disorder Lesch-Nyhan syndrome will involuntarily yank their fingers into their mouth, bite their fingers down to the bone and bite their lips off. Their pain response is normal, and they often ask to be restrained.

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18Meier-Gorlin Syndrome

Meier-Gorlin Syndrome

Meier-Gorlin Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that causes those affected to have dwarfism, small brains, lack of knee caps, and other abnormalities, despite having normal lifespan and intellect.

19Taijin kyofusho

Taijin kyofusho

Taijin kyofusho is a disorder unique to Japan and Korea where sufferers do not want to embarrass other people with their presence.



Palilalia is a language disorder characterized by the involuntary repetition of syllables, words, or phrases.

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