20 Fabulous Facts You Didn’t Know About Robert Downey Jr.


1The Entire History of You

The Entire History of You

In 2013, Robert Downey Jr. beat out George Clooney in a bidding war for movie rights to Black Mirror (UK) episode 'The Entire History of You' because they loved it so much.

2Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr.

Before his sobriety, Robert Downey Jr. was once pulled over for speeding, but the officers quickly discovered Downey was naked and hallucinating allegedly throwing imaginary rats at the officers on the scene. On another occasion, Downey was discovered curled up in the fetal position behind a grungy Los Angeles hotel.

3Less Than Zero

Less Than Zero

Robert Downey Jr. buried the clothes that he wore in 1987's "Less Than Zero" in the backyard of his house in a symbolic attempt to bury his decadent 1980s Brat Pack image and begin a new phase of his life and career after filming Chaplin.



Robert Downey Jr. pissed in jars and left them lying around the set of "Zodiac" to protest not having enough time to go to his trailer and relax.

5Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor

Robert Downey Jr. was cast as Lex Luthor in Superman: Flyby, a Superman reboot written by J.J. Abrams that was never made.

6Iron Man

Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr considered retiring as Iron Man in 2013 after receiving an on-set injury, believing that he was too old to continue playing the role of Tony Stark.

7The Avengers

The Avengers

When Robert Downey Jr. was on the set of the Avengers he would hide food on the sets. Nobody was ever able to find it so they let him continue to do it. The scene where he is eating blueberries is unscripted and part of the collection of food that he hid.

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Robert Downey Jr. received 15 nominations for his role as Sgt. Lincoln Osiris in Tropic Thunder including an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

9I Want Love

I Want Love

Robert Downey Jr.’s first gig after rehab in 2001 was the music video for Elton John’s “I Want Love.”

10The Futurist

The Futurist

Robert Downey Jr. has released a musical album entitled The Futurist. The album debuted at number 121 on the Billboard 200 chart, selling 16,000 copies in its first week.


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