20 Cool Facts From Ancient China That’ll Blow Your Mind

111642 Yellow River Flood

In 1642 the Chinese Ming Dynasty tried to break a rebel siege of Kaifeng by blowing dikes on the Yellow River. The flood destroyed not only the rebels but also Kaifeng, killing 300,000 people.

12Tang Dynasty dancers

A Tang Dynasty general once sent lewdly dressed girls to perform an obscene dance in order to distract the opposing army. While they were watching he attacked them from behind with his cavalry, killing 500 soldiers that day.

13Fu Hao

When the famous Chinese Female Warrior of the Shang Dynasty Fu Hao (Queen Consort of King Wu Ding) was buried in 1046 B.C.E., sixteen human sacrifices were made and 16 bodies inhumed alongside the corpse of Fu Hao.

14Southern Song Dynasty

The Southern Song Dynasty would take monkeys, clothe them in straw, dip them in oil, light them on fire, and then release them in enemy camps.

15Hongzhi Emperor

The Hongzhi Emperor, who reigned over China from 1487 to 1506, was the only ruler in Chinese history to have married only one woman.

16Hong Xiuquan

In 1851, Hong Xiuquan, claiming to be the brother of Jesus Christ, staged a rebellion and captured South China from the Qing dynasty.

17Cannabis burial

An ancient burial in China contained 13 cannabis plants arranged in a shroud around the body. Archaeologists believe it is evidence that cannabis consumption was popular thousands of years ago.

18Jie of Xia

King Jie, the last ruler of Ancient China's Xia Dynasty, is said to have made an alcohol lake for his wine-loving concubine Mo Xi. They then held massive and gleeful orgies of sex and death on the wine lake.

19Wanyan Liang

One of the Jin Dynasty Emperors (Wanyan Liang) was so disastrous that after being assassinated, he was posthumously demoted to a prince, and later demoted to a commoner.

20Jiaqing Emperor

The Jiaqing Emperor refused the Vietnamese ruler Gia Long's request to change his country's name to Nam Việt. He changed the name instead to Việt Nam.


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