15 Spooky and Fun Halloween Facts


Originally Halloween lanterns were made from a turnip (Rutabaga) not pumpkin.

12John Belushi

On Halloween in 1981, John Belushi got the hardcore punk band FEAR to play live on SNL, causing an estimated $200,000 in damages.

13Ian McKellen and Alan Cumming

For Halloween in 2002 while on a break from filming X-Men 2, actors Ian McKellen and Alan Cumming dressed up as Gandalf and Floop (from Spy Kids). They gave out candy to trick-or-treaters and McKellen even carved a Nightcrawler pumpkin.


50% of kids prefer to receive chocolate candy for Halloween, compared with 24% who prefer non-chocolate candy and 10% who preferred gum.

15Halloween celebration

Anoka, Minnesota, was the first city in America to officially hold a Halloween celebration, in an effort to divert kids from pulling pranks like tipping outhouses and letting cows loose to run around on Main Street.


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