15 Fast & Heavy Facts About Trains That’ll Move You

1Train delay certificate

Trains in Japan are so punctual, that if they are even 5 minutes late, the passengers get a formal apology, and most times they will even get a "delay certificate." Delays that are over an hour will also appear on the news.

2Paris Metro

Paris Metro trains drive on the right rather than the left and its tunnels are narrower than mainline ones in order to prevent it from being absorbed into the national railway network.

3Introduction of Trains

When trains were introduced in the U.S, many people believed that “women’s bodies were not designed to go at 50 miles an hour,” and that their “uteruses would fly out of [their] bodies if they were accelerated to that speed.”

4Freight train

The average length of a freight train in the US is 2000 meters/1.25 miles long.

5Rail car

If you own your own rail car, Amtrak will let you attach it to one of their trains and go along for the ride.

6Paper car wheel

Some train wheels used to be made of paper for a quieter ride, but they were eventually banned for safety reasons.

7Transporting Coal

Each train car transporting coal from the mine to the power plant loses up to 3% of its load, a literal ton of coal.

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8Secret train platform

There is a secret train platform beneath the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York.

9Freight train

A freight train can move 1 ton of material approximately 500 miles using 1 gallon of diesel fuel (on average).

10Train Sounds

Trains in Japan have been designed to bark like a dog and snorts like a deer to scare deer away from the tracks in a bid to reduce the number of animal deaths on the railway line.


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