15 Fascinating Organization That Sound Too Weird to be True

11Violins of Hope

The Violins of Hope is an organization that finds and restores violins owned by Jews during the Holocaust. They are used for performances around the world to " make their voices heard."

12Second chance adoptions

There is an adoption organization that looks to re-home adopted children who are being put up for adoption, again. These are called “second chance adoptions” and are “designed to help children find the best family for their needs.”

13American Institute

The American Institute in Taiwan is a quasi-consular organization that exists because the China requires countries with diplomatic relations with them to not recognize Taiwan. The American ambassadors that are assigned there become “Chairmen” of the institute and are not recognized by the Foreign Service.

14Free Little Library organization

The Free Little Library organization encompasses over 80,000 locations in 91 countries. This service allows any individual or organization to set up a public book sharing station where community members can freely give or take books.

15Some Dogs Are Angels

An organization called 'Some Dogs Are Angels' led by Mark Starner and his family, active mainly in North America, rescued 65 specific dogs which they call "avatars", believing that they are angels in animal form. Mark believes himself to be a "messenger for beings of light."


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