15 Facts From Historic Rebellions That Are Too Interesting To Ignore

11American Revolution

During the American Revolution, a young Andrew Jackson was ordered by a British officer to clean his boots. When he refused, the officer slashed his sword at him, resulting in cuts on his hand and cheek. This left him with resentment towards all things British until his conversion in 1842.

12Midland Revolt

During an English peasant revolt, a rebel leader nicknamed Captain Pouch promised to protect the rebels by the contents of his pouch. When the rebellion failed and he was captured, all that was found in his pouch was a piece of green cheese.

13Dazexiang uprising

During the Dazexiang uprising, in Qin China, 2 generals were late for a battle. Given that the penalty for being late for a government job was death, they decided to take their soldiers and start a rebellion to fight for their freedom, as the punishment for rebellion was also death.

14Whiskey Rebellion

During the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794, President George Washington became the only sitting president to ever lead troops in the field.

15French Revolution

During the French Revolution, radicals tried to introduce two competing religions to replace Christianity: the atheist Cult of Reason and the deist Cult of the Supreme Being.


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