100 Interesting Facts About Mobs and Gangs

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76 Pearl Lusk

Pearl Lusk

In 1946, a man claiming to be a detective gave a pedestrian a camera and asked her to take a picture of a suspect. The “detective” turned out to be a gangster, the “suspect” turned out to be his ex-wife, and the “camera” turned out to be a concealed shotgun firing via the shutter button.

77. After a Hong Kong gangster named Cheung Tze Keung kidnapped the son of Asia’s richest man and extracted a $130 million ransom, he phoned up the tycoon to ask advice on how to invest the money

78. The movies “Goodfellas” and “My Blue Heaven” are based on the same real-life gangster, Henry Hill.

79. In the early 2000s, a group of Siberian gangsters shot a seven-part TV series (Spets tv show) depicting their lives. There were no stuntmen; all the blood and bullets were real.

80. A Russian gangster named Nikolai Sutyagin spent 15 years building a personal wooden skyscraper at 144 feet 13 stories, it was the tallest stick-frame house in the world until it was partially demolished then burned down in a fire.

81 Al Capone

Al Capone

In 1939, the famous and notorious gangster, Al Capone donated two Japanese weeping cherry trees to the former Union Memorial Hospital in return for the excellent treatment and care he was offered and one of the trees still remains and blossoms outside the East 33rd Street entrance each spring.

82. Gangster, Al Capone started one of the first Soup Kitchens during the Great Depression for the unemployed.

83. Cliff Curtis, a Maori from New Zealand who has played just about every ethnicity Hollywood has thrown his was including an Arab in Three Kings, a Chicano gangster in Training Day, Pablo Escobar in Blow, and the Lord of the Fire Nation in the Last Airbender.

84. Tajiri, a former WWE wrestler, refused the WWE writers’ proposal of being portrayed as/associated with a Japanese gangster gimmick as he feared that it might anger the real Japanese Yakuza

85. Robert ‘Yummy’ Sandifer was a gangster who was charged with arson, murder and armed robbery and was later executed by fellow gang members. He was only 11 years old.

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86 Frank Gusenberg

Frank Gusenberg

Gangster Frank Gusenberg was hit 14 times during the Valentine’s Day Massacre and, as he lay dying, police asked who had shot him. He said, “Nobody shot me.”

87. Only one man was willing to testify against gangster Al Capone and was likely killed because of it. Two years later, the man’s son was Awarded the Medal of Honor and became the first Ace fighter pilot in US Navy history for being the lone pilot to defend his carrier against a Japanese attack.

88. On May 2, 1957, an Assassin approached Gangster Frank Costello and shot him in the head, first shouting “This is for you, Frank!”. Instead of killing Frank, the bullet circled Frank’s scalp from ear to ear harmlessly. The Assassin’s warning saved his life.

89. One of the first famous female mathematicians was killed by a gang of Christians.

90. Sombra Negra is death squad groups based in El Salvador, allegedly composed mostly of police and military personnel, that target criminals and gang members for vigilante justice.

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91 Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly

Notorious gangster Machine Gun Kelly never killed anyone or even shot anyone.

92. Most of the gang members in the movie Training day are actual gang members. The gangs gave the film crew permission to film in their neighborhoods

93. During World War 2, a former member of the Bonnie and Clyde gang named W.D. Jones attempted to join the United States Army after being let out of prison. He was rejected after doctors found “four buckshot and a bullet” in his chest, and that part of his lung had been blown away.

94. For 15 years, the true ruler of the Italian mafia organization Nueva Camorra Organizzata was the sister of its official boss, and she was acquitted of nine murders and had the nickname “Ice Eyes”

95. The Olive Oil Industry has a rich history of corruption and mafia involvement

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96 Laughing gas Mafia

Laughing gas Mafia

There is a violent Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) Mafia that travels to music festivals and makes more than $300,000 per festival.

97. There was a Jewish Mafia, involved in such events as fixing the 1919 World Series.

98. Frankie Fraser, a notorious English gangster who served over 42 years in 20 different prisons, would burn, electrocute, whip, and pull out the teeth of his disloyal gang members.

99. There is a biker gang dedicated to protecting animals and breaking up dog fighting rings called Rescue Ink.

100. There is a Canadian street gang called the United Nations that encourages ethnic diversity

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  1. “Ace fighter pilot in US Navy history for being the lone pilot to defend his career against a Japanese attack. ” Confused by defending a career. You must mean carrier as in air craft.



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