100 Interesting Facts about Kids

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76 Tinker test

Tinker test

The “Tinker” supreme court case: In 1965, to protest Vietnam War 3 kids wore black armbands to school. The school banned the armbands. They wore them again and were suspended. The “Tinker test” is used to see if a school’s disciplinary actions violate students’ 1st Amendment rights.

77. In 1994, a Russian pilot named Yaroslav Kudrinsky let his 15-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter try to fly an aircraft. The kids unknowingly disabled the autopilot. The plane crashed into a hillside in Siberia killing all 63 passengers and 12 crew members.

78. Pixy Stix was originally a drink mix, but the company owner discovered kids were just eating the sugar powder straight from the package. It was then rebranded as Pixy Stix.

79. Crayola’s Midnight Blue was originally named Prussian Blue, the change occurring in 1958 when the company realized most kids did not recognize the old nation of Prussia.

80. Praising kids for their intelligence may actually stifle their progress. Instead, they should be praised for their effort.

81 Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling

As a kid, Ryan Gosling enjoyed seeing Rambo: First Blood so much that he brought steak knives to school and threw them at other children.

82. If a set of identical twin women married a set of identical twin men and subsequently had kids, their children would genetically be siblings.

83. Jim Cummings, the voice actor for Winnie the Pooh, calls sick kids in hospitals and talks to them in character.

84. A 12-year-old boy named Sun Huixi spent 2 years collecting over 160,000 bottles after school and donated all the money he made ($2,700) to orphans in an AIDS epidemic region in China. He also donated his personal savings ($30) and collected 800 books to give to the children.

85. Bill Gates intends to leave less than $10M for each if his three children “so they can make their own way” and that the family mostly drives a minivan when all are going somewhere.

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86 Taste buds

Taste buds

Children have double the number of taste buds compared to adults, causing them to taste much more intensely and have very distinct food preferences.

87. Danish parents leave their kids on the curb while they go shopping, as they believe the fresh air is essential for health and development.

88. There is one key difference between kids who excel at math and those who don’t – teaching them that they are “good at math” with preparation.

89. Russia has laws to fine parents for “failing to perform parental duties for raising minors” if their kids act up.

90. In 1982, a 15-year-old runaway lived in an elevator shaft for 2 months. He rewired the elevator to work as he wanted, and was caught when residents smelled cooking hot dogs.

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91 Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrottato

Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrottato

Two kids named Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrottato spent two years recreating Toy Story in its entirety shot by shot.

92. There is a camp for kids with Tourette Syndrome called Camp Twitch and Shout.

93. Kids are more inclined to turn to their pets than their siblings for support when faced with adversity, even though they know their pets don’t actually understand what they are saying.

94. In 1911, two kids named Louis Abernathy and Temple Abernathy rode on horseback alone from New York to San Francisco in 62 days.

95. In 2012, an educator named Sugata Mitra installed a networked PC in a New Delhi slum and left it there for children to freely explore. Kids from one of the most desperately poor areas of the world, without instruction, quickly learned how the PC operated, and taught each other, easily exploring via online connectivity.

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96 Bai Fang Li

Bai Fang Li

A trishaw puller in China, Bai Fang Li financed the education of over 300 poor kids. Over the years, the distance he peddled to sponsor the kids was close to 18 times around the equator. When he died thousands came to say goodbye.

97. The Soviet Union had a children’s program at 8:30 every weeknight that would end with a lullaby at 9:00 telling kids it’s time to go to bed. This program still airs to this day in Russia.

98. The creator of Atari (Nolan Bushnell) also created Chuck E. Cheese as a way to get kids to play Atari video games.

99. The CIA website has a Kids’ Zone where kids can play spy based games including an aerial analysis game.

100. Nintendo was sued and found guilty because kids were getting blisters playing Mario Party.

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  1. “From 1956 to 1996 the Mormon Church operated a program called Indian Placement Program where Native American kids would be baptized and placed in Mormon foster homes, thinking it would “lighten” their skin. It was based on the Mormon belief that Native Americans were originally white until God punished them by making them darker.” This ‘fact’ is false. The Placement Program was intended to assist children on poverty stricken reservations receive quality healthcare and education. Please remove this.

  2. It is a fact from a different section of the church. They also believed, in that sect, to have multiple wives and even take children as their brides. Ugly truth but fact. I am a mormon and would never have joined if this was still the case. Don’t hide the facts just learn from them.

  3. It looks as if the blurb used in the fact republic entry just highlighted a more “eye catching” outmoded, uninformed detail. Low hanging fruit used for the Effect. (C’mon Factrepublic…you are better than this.)
    I’m not up on Church of Ladder Day Saints facts. So I clicked on the source link. (I love factrepublic, and optio, just for this reason) Yeah, yeah one leader of one sect said these cockamamie things. (Sadly, there’s always one to get press.) Here The Source is a decent article! Goes on to discuss many interesting educated issues and outcomes of program.
    My concern…Wikipedia used as THE source. Wikipedia gives info and a fun place to begin answering anything. Even Wikipedia does not consider itself a first source! It has decent citation, source listing procedures with its crowd editing platform. I’ve explained this to kids doing their first bits of research. Along with idea “one must read past the headline… a blurb does not give all of the facts.”



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