Village Ventures: 35 Captivating Villages Around the World

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In Biertan village in Transylvania Romania, the church had a "divorce/reconciliation room": Couples that wanted to break up had to live two weeks in a room with one small bed, one table with one chair, one spoon, one plate. In 300 years they had just one divorce.

2. The village of Monowi in the USA has a population of 1 and the only resident runs a 5000-volume library and a tavern that draws regular customers from as far as 80 miles away.

3. The village of Huangfeng in China publishes the names of those who neglect their elderly parents as a means of shaming those people.

4. The Austrian village of "F*cking" is particularly popular with British tourists. A local tour guide said: "The Germans all want to see Mozart's house in Salzburg; the Americans want to see where The Sound of Music was filmed...but for the British, it's all about F*cking."

5. There is a small village named Shingo in Japan, which by its inhabitants is believed to be the last resting place of Jesus. They believe that instead of Jesus his brother Isukiri died on the cross and Jesus fled to Japan to become a rice farmer.

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A small Armenian village named Chardakhli sent 1250 able-bodied men to fight in World War 2. 853 of them received orders and medals, 2 became Grand Marshals of the Soviet Union, 12 became generals and 7 became Heroes of the Soviet Union.

7. There is a village named Bazoule in Africa's Burkina Faso where crocodiles and humans have lived side-by-side in peace for over 600 years.

8. There are "cancer villages" in China, where residents are hundreds of times more susceptible to cancer due to pollution.

9. There is a completely uninhabited village named Peace Village in North Korea built solely for propaganda, with dozens of empty buildings.

10. The village of Giethoorn in the Netherlands has no roads. People get around on foot or via one of the village's many canals.

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There is a village named Paris (Parizh) in Russia. In 2005, they constructed a 1:5 replica of the Eiffel Tower.

12. A village named Naluvedapathy in South India planted over 80,000 mangrove trees to get a world record and the trees later protected the village from a flood.

13. In 2014, a small Japanese village named Sarufutsu tried to set up a monument to remember World War 2 Korean slaves that died in the region but were forced to stop by Japanese ultranationalists. These ultra-nationalists have also been successful in the removal of other monuments of contrition around Japan.

14. A traditional West African voodoo village named Oyotunji was founded near Savannah, Georgia in 1970. They have a king, no electricity or water, no English before noon, drink chicken blood and consider themselves a separate nation from the United States.

15. There is an English village named Bourton-on-the-Water which has a scale model of itself, inside a scale model of itself, inside a scale model of itself, inside a scale model of itself.

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There once was a village named Resia in Italy. They flooded the area and the only thing left visible is the village's bell tower. It is now known as Lago di Resia.

17. The village of Badbea in Scotland was so windy children and animals had to be tied to posts or rocks to stop them being blown away.

18. There is a ‘Bodybuilding Village’ in India. The small village of Asola-Fatehpur Beri has 3500 men who train 6 hours a day and eat nothing but eggs, milk and bananas to get big and strong.

19. The American village of Hyder, Alaska is so unique it is only accessible by land from Canada and uses Canadian public utility services, border security, emergency services, telephone area code, and time zone.

20. There is a village named Umajo in East Africa populated only by women. It was founded in 1990 by rape victims as a way to give women a safe place to live.



A Chinese village named Xiaogang covertly tried capitalism in 1978, leading to China's nation-wide adoption of this economic system.

22. The German village of Würchwitz has a statue of a cheese mite erected to honor its role in making Würchwitz's special cheese, Milbenkäse. The cheese mites help make the cheese by excreting their digestive juices over the cheese.

23. Students in the Chinese village of Pili have to trek 1,000 feet above a sheer drop down a precipice, cross four rivers and slide down a 600 feet-long zip-line to get to their school.

24. There is a village named Trunyan in Bali, Indonesia where they do not cremate or bury their dead, instead, lay them out to decompose next to a 'magic' tree.

25. Russia created an orphan village named Orion where foster parents can live alongside orphans. Orphans are invited to live with families and they decide whether to stay.

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