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21Live Support Chats

Almost all support live chat systems provide a “Sneak Peek” feature that allows a customer support agent to see what you're typing in real-time before you submit. This can work against you if you're negotiating a resolution and type something (however brief) that gets taken the wrong way. Keep your in-progress thoughts outside of the chat and only enter the text you're 100% comfortable with. In the same vein, if a call center places you on hold, mute your phone as well if you plan to talk about something you don't want them to hear.

Categories: Computers, Technology

22Solar chimney

Architects can design a home or building with a glass structure that lets cool air in the bottom and releases warm air at its top. This is known as a solar chimney and works off similar principles of regular fire chimneys.

Categories: Architecture, Science

23Lyme disease

The Lyme disease bacteria is actually transmitted from mice to ticks. And that humans have greatly contributed to outbreaks by causing forest fragmentation and killing predators.

Categories: Animals, Disease

24Giuseppe Tartini

In 1713, Venetian Baroque composer Giuseppe Tartini dreamt that he had sold his soul to the devil. In the dream, the devil played a masterful sonata with his voilin. When Tartini woke up, he composed Violin Sonata in G minor.

Categories: Music, People

25Rugrats theory

There is a conspiracy theory about the children's cartoon "Rugrats" theorizing that the babies were figments of Angelica's schizophrenia, and not real at all.

Categories: Cartoons, Disease

26Elephants LSD

In 1962, a group of scientists wanted to study the effects of LSD on elephants. They injected an elephant with 3,000 times the normal dose given to humans because they assumed elephants would be much less sensitive to LSD than humans. The elephant died in 100 minutes.

Categories: Animals, Drugs

27Canadian soldier

More Canadian soldiers died from suicide than from combat in recent 10-year war in Afghanistan

Categories: Death, Military


Scientists at UCLA noticed that “time and time again” human beings suffer their first experience with anxiety or depression right after stomach illnesses. They did brain scans after patients ate probiotics, and found that stomach bacteria actually directly affected the connectivity of the brain.

Categories: Health, People

29Tony Cicoria

In 1994, a man named Tony Cicoria was struck by lightning while standing next to a public telephone, and resuscitated by a nurse who was waiting to use the phone. Not long after recovery, he said his head became flooded with music. He bought a piano and is now a successful composer and performer.

Categories: Music, Mystery

30Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong once asked Richard Nixon to carry his bags through customs for him because he ‘was an old man’. The bags had marijuana in them.

Categories: Drugs, President

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