50 Incredible Facts about TV shows

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1Robert Stack

Robert Stack

Unsolved Mysteries' host Robert Stack was often skeptical of the paranormal stories that the show covered. While recording narration for the show's segments, he would occasionally turn to his producer and exclaim "come on, Raymond!"

2. The set of Sesame Street was intentionally made to look like a poor inner-city block, complete with trash and decay because the original target audience was inner-city children and the producers wanted it to feel familiar.

3. HBO's iconic "Band of Brothers" premiered two days before 9/11. When the attacks occurred, HBO stopped all marketing for the show, and by the end of the series, it had half the viewers it started with. It won six Emmys, a Golden Globe, and was awarded a Peabody.

4. The Sopranos was denied a permit to film in a New Jersey state park by a county commissioner who called the show a "disgrace to Italians". The commissioner was later removed under corruption charges.

5. In Season 8 Episode 2 of 'The Fairly OddParents', Timmy Turner is on fairy trial for keeping his first ever wish a secret. It's revealed that the wish was for everyone to stop aging so he could have his fairies forever. When asked how long ago the wish was made, he guesses around 50 years.

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6Walter White Jr.

Walter White Jr.

Walter White Jr. never encountered Jesse Pinkman in all 62 episodes of Breaking Bad.

7. Red vs. Blue is the second longest running web series of all time, behind only Homestar Runner.

8. The Seinfeld episode, "The Contest" where the four main characters see who can go the longest without masturbating, never once contained the word "masturbation" and won an Emmy for achievement in writing.

9. Chris Hansen, who was the host of “NBC’s Dateline: To Catch a Predator” (a show that featured him conducting a sting operation on online sex predators by catching them on hidden cameras), was fired from NBC after he was caught cheating on his wife by a hidden-camera sting operation.

10. The pilot episode of LOST was so expensive (approximately $14 million) that the network president was fired for green-lighting it.

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11Dr. Oz show

Dr. Oz show

Nearly 40% of the medical advice given on the Dr. Oz show has no scientific evidence backing it up.

12. Out of the 403 episodes of “The Joy of Painting” with Bob Ross, 91% of them contain at least one happy tree and 2% of them contain bridges.

13. In the World of Warcraft episode of South Park the Blizzard people made a private server for them to "film" on, and during the shoot, a random person came in and started trying to kill people, just like in the plot of the episode.

14. Over the course of 144 episodes, only one character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer died of natural causes. The following episode, which examines Buffy's mourning/reaction to the first death she couldn't have prevented, is consistently ranked as one of the best television episodes of all time.

15. The show 'Firefly' has been permanently added to the International Space Station as a form of entertainment for the station's crews.

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16The Office

The Office

The certificate behind Michael Scott in The Office is not a degree/diploma, but a certificate of authenticity for a counterfeit "Seyko" timepiece. 

17. There is an episode of The Cosby Show, where after consuming Cosby's "special barbecue sauce", women stop fighting, become passive, and become more affectionate towards their lovers.

18. 'My Love From Another Star' is a Korean TV show is about a 400-year-old Harvard-educated alien who falls in love with a human woman. The show is a huge hit in Korea and elsewhere; Chinese fans were hospitalized for binging on too much-fried chicken and beer (the woman character's favorite food).

19. Japan has a popular TV show called "My First Errand" where little kids are sent to do minor tasks for the family on their own while a camera crew secretly follows them.

20. The writers of Arrested Development intended to use a different actress for Ann Veal (George-Michael's girlfriend) in every episode in an effort to show just how forgettable and unnoticeable she was.

21Captain Planet

Captain Planet

TV series Captain Planet was the first children's show to deal with HIV-AIDS. The episode involved a villain brainwashing a community, making them think HIV could pass on just by casual contact, making the entire town hate a young man infected by HIV, who was voiced by Neil Patrick Harris.

22. There is an episode (The French Mistake) of Supernatural in which the two main characters are sent to an alternate universe in which they play the actors that play their characters on Supernatural (themselves) who are in the middle of filming an episode of a TV show called Supernatural.

23. The season 6 Blu-ray of Dexter had an unskippable trailer that spoiled that season's finale.

24. The Dana Carvey Show, which aired just 7 episodes in 1996, had a writing team that included Louis C.K., Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, Bob Odenkirk, Charlie Kaufman. Robert Smigel, Dino Stamatopoulous (Starburns from Community) and more.

25. On Johnny Carson's final show, Comedy Central went dark, leaving a video gone-fishing sign saying the people are out "watching Johnny Carson's last show and so should you."

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  1. Nr 14 is incorrect. Joyce died of cancer and Cassandra Newton died of heart failure. So not one but two people died of natural causes in Buffy.



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