25 Mind-Blowing Fan Theories from Around the Internet

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1 Rugrats


Rugrats: Have you ever wondered just how only Angelica can talk to the babies? Well, according to this theory, the babies are a figment of her imagination. She is spoilt, sad and lonely because her mother is constantly working and has no time for her. Her relationship with her dad is superficial and unsubstantial, no real love is ever shown to her. So how did it come about that Angelica would have to imagine these babies? Tommy died soon after childbirth, a fact reflected by Stu never leaving the basement, inventing toys that his son will never play with. Chuckie died in the car crash along with his mum, also reflected in the actions of his father; the crash has made him a pathetic nervous wreck most of the time. Most interesting is Phil and Lil. There never were any twins. There was just one baby. However, this baby was stillborn, and Angelica never knew the sex of the still born, so she invented twins of different genders. Sadly, Angelica never uses her imaginary friends to comfort or entertain her, instead, she is mean and nasty to them. She has invented this relationship with these babies so she can vent her frustrations of being a spoilt, lonely brat who has seen much hardship from these unfortunate parents; frustrations that can’t be satisfied by a typical childhood relationship with a doll, albeit a Cynthia one.

2. Aladdin: In one scene, Genie calls Aladdin’s clothes “so 3rd century”. Genie was trapped for 10,000 years, so there is no way he could know of the fashion trends which have happened whilst he was in the lamp, which means at the latest Genie could have been trapped in the lamp during the 3rd century. If he spent 10,000 years in there, it is then at least the year 10,300 A.D. when he gets out. The conclusion is that Aladdin takes place in the future, a post-apocalyptic world where only Arabic (and some Greek) culture survived. It has been so long that the name “Arabia” has been corrupted to “Agrabah”. The Islamic religion has atrophied to the point where there are no mosques, imams or prayer mats, but people still give praise to Allah in moments of happiness. Amazing technological marvels left behind by the previous civilization, like flying carpets or genetically engineered parrots, which can comprehend human speech instead of just mimicking it, are taken for granted by locals or considered “Magic”. The Genie proves this by making impressions of ancient, long-dead celebrities like Groucho Marx, Jack Nicholson, etc.

3. Aladdin: Another theory is that the story of Aladdin is made up by the salesman at the beginning to persuade you to buy the lamp.

4. Star Wars: Before Empire Strikes Back came out. R2D2 was Luke’s father. Luke’s father was mortally wounded by Vader. His brain was removed from his body and placed in life support inside a robot. This is why C3P0 is so worried about R2’s operational status. C3 knows that R2 has biological components. Turns out Luke, who got very little Jedi training, isn’t all that great. It’s his Jedi father, inside of R2, every time. Early on, when Luke does something with the force R2 is always there, except for the one time on Hoth and what is R2 doing at that time? Deploying a long-range force antenna we never see again.

5. Haunted Mansion: In the Haunted Mansion at Disney World/Disneyland, “the rider” commits suicide during the course of the ride and become a ghost. At the beginning of the ride, the ghost host (the narrator) says the only way to escape the mansion is to die, and he shows that he hanged himself. Near the end of the ride, there’s a moment where the vehicle turns around backward and you go off a balcony, which according to this theory represents you jumping to your death. Before this part of the ride the ghosts are all trying to scare you, but afterward, they sing excitedly and invite you to party with them (The Grim Grinnin’ Ghosts song.) The only human character in the ride, a groundskeeper, appears after the balcony drop. He faces toward the riders and seems terrified of you.

6 Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Squarepants: According to this theory, the existence of Spongebob and his strange friends is the result of radiation from nuclear arms testing that was performed on the Bikini Atoll in the late 40’s and early 50’s. Since they live under the atoll, the town is known as ‘Bikini Bottom.’

7. Spongebob Squarepants: Also, the characters in Spongebob Squarepants represent the seven deadly sins. Squidward: Wrath. Mr. Crabs: Greed. Plankton: Envy. Sandy: Pride. Patrick: Sloth. Spongebob: Lust (his lust for life). Gary: Gluttony (running joke about him needing to be fed).

8. Friday (Rebecca Black song): The song is about the JFK assassination. The driver of the car he was assassinated in’s name was Samuel Kickin (Kickin in the front seat, sittin in the back seat…). The assassination occurred on a Friday and when he was shot the Secret Service yelled at Jackie Kennedy to “get down” (got to get down on Friday). Parts about the cold war and the spread of Communism are referenced (everybody’s Russian) and to top it all off, in the hotel that morning JFK declined a breakfast of sausage, eggs and toast for a bowl of Bran Flakes instead (got to have my bowl- got to have cereal). Also, the following Monday JFK was supposed to sign a bill into law requiring all public schools to provide bus transportation for their students (got to catch my bus…).

9. Inspector Gadget: The Inspector we know is actually the second Inspector, built as a completely-robotic replacement after the first was lost in action. He was loaded with his old memories, and nobody would have been the wiser, except that the original Inspector Gadget didn’t actually die. Upon returning from whatever disaster caused his bosses to give up on him as KIA, and now horribly disfigured, he discovers this replacement living his life, even with his dog and raising his niece. The original Inspector snaps and vows to devote the rest of his life to the destruction of the ungodly replacement. He disavows everything he once knew and loved, even going so far as to take a new name… DOCTOR CLAW!!

10. Forrest Gump: In the end, he isn’t Forrest’s son. Jenny just takes advantage of him after she learns that he’s a shrimp tycoon.

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11 Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack: It takes place in post-apocalyptic Townsville. (Powerpuff Girls). Also, the creator of Samurai Jack and Power Puff Girls are the same person.

12. Inception: The whole film is really a plot by the dead wife to get Leonardo DiCaprio out of the dream, a plan which fails.

13. Inception: Leonardo DiCaprio’s character is in the real world in the ending scene. In the beginning, he talks about how totems only work for specific people. The top was his wife’s totem. It wouldn’t work for him. His totem is his wedding ring. In the dream world, his wife is alive, and he is still married to her. Therefore he wears his wedding ring. In all the scenes in the real world, his wife is dead and he is no longer married. He doesn’t wear his ring because of that. In the last scene, he isn’t wearing his ring.

14. Back to the future: Dr. Emmett Brown is ready to kill himself along with Marty in that parking lot during the first time travel scene. Not only has he never tested the time machine, but he claims that many of his inventions have been failures. So during the moment when he’s about to find out if his life’s work was a huge success or a complete waste, he not only drives the Delorian towards himself but grabs onto Marty when he tries to run away. If that first-time travel test was a failure, they both would have been killed, which is exactly what Doc wanted had the experiment been a failure.

15. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: Cameron Frye invented Ferris and he’s living out what Cameron wishes he could be.

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16 Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Harry Potter: There’s a theory that J.K. Rowling is actually Rita Skeeter who was exiled from the magic world for reporting lies. She is so angry about being exiled that she decides to write books revealing the entirety of the magic world to the muggle world. To her dismay, the Muggle world believes her stories to be fiction, but she becomes rich and famous anyway. Of course, this theory also involves the real world and is therefore way more far-fetched than other fan theories.

17. Harry Potter: J.K. Rowling created seven Horcruxes. She put a part of her soul in every book and now her books will live forever. This was really sweet until i thought about the fact that if that were true she would have would have to kill at least a person to create each one. So a list of people killed in each part. Philosopher’s Stone/Sorcerer’s Stone – James and Lily. Chamber of Secrets – Moaning Myrtle (who had been a ghost before but whose death was pivotal in this one). Prisoner of Azkaban – Twelve Muggles killed by Peter Pettigrew. Goblet of Fire – Cedric Diggory (among others). Order of the Phoenix – Sirius Black. Half-Blood Prince – Dumbledore. Deathly Hallows – Snape, Fred, Lupin, Tonks, Hedwig, Dobby, and Voldemort, among others.

18. Garfield: He is actually dying of starvation, and just imagining Jon and Odie. There was a reference to this in a Halloween themed comic. Garfield woke up in a condemned and abandoned house. He calls out for Odie and Jon, but there is no answer. He then wills the illusion back on himself and continues his delusions about his ‘family’.

19. Pinky and The Brain: The title of the cartoon reads Pinky and The Brain, One is a genius; the other’s insane. Brain constantly plans to take over the world, suggesting he is insane. Pinky often finds ways to ruin these plans, who is the genius?

20. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory: Willy Wonka knew those children would die in his factory. After Augustus gets sucked up the shoot, they all hop on board the boat through the tunnel of doom. The boat doesn’t have two extra vacant seats though. It was designed with the prior knowledge that they would lose two participants before that point. Later they drive a cream spewing car with only four seats. Did they have another car waiting in the garage in case the others made it? Of course not. Willy Wonka uses children to make candy.

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21 Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Peter Pan: He was an angel that held kid’s hand when on their way to heaven (Neverland). That’s why they never grew up. All those kids were dead.

22. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Will actually died in the fight on the basketball court in West Philly. The taxi driver is actually God, who drives a “rare” cab. He takes Will to heaven, where he works out all his issues with his wealthy Aunt and Uncle. Will only sees his mother and father on special occasions, because that’s when they come to visit his grave.

23. The Dark Knight: Why no one died at Bruce’s fundraiser. In the interrogation scene, the Joker says, “For a minute there, I thought you were Harvey Dent,” referencing Batman’s actions at Bruce’s fundraiser. First, when the Joker arrived at Bruce’s fundraiser for Harvey Dent, the Joker wasn’t randomly killing people, he had a plan, and part of what made his plans horrifying was his ability to tell the police exactly who he was going to kill and then kill them. Killing random bystanders doesn’t accomplish that. When the Batman (who the Joker thinks is Harvey Dent) jumps out the window to rescue Rachel, the Joker expects them to be the same person, so there’s no reason to keep looking for Harvey Dent at the party. Later, when Harvey Dent is being transported by police, the Joker uses an escalating series of weapons against the convoy but doesn’t use the rocket launcher on the paddywagon containing Harvey Dent. The only weapons he uses are ones that can’t penetrate the paddywagon’s armor, and he gradually escalates to make the threat to Harvey Dent seem real. He does this to discover if they really are the same person: If the Batman shows up, Harvey Dent isn’t Batman. If the Batman doesn’t arrive, Harvey Dent is Batman. The Joker never wanted to kill Batman (he says as much in the interrogation scene, “I don’t, I don’t want to kill you! What would I do without you? Go back to ripping off mob dealers? No, no, NO! No. You… you… complete me.”), he wanted to force Batman to break his “one rule.” A dead Batman cannot be corrupted, so as long as Harvey Dent might be Batman, Dent must not be killed.

24. How I Met Your Mother: Every story Ted tells in How I Met Your Mother is just how he remembers it, not how it happened. That’s why Ted’s girlfriends is so hot, why Ted and Marshall can afford this great apartment (in reality it wasn’t as big or as nice), and why Barney was sleeping with a new woman every night. Ted is just remembering things differently than how they happened. He’s basically an unreliable narrator.

25. Cinderella: The reason the glass slipper in Cinderella didn’t turn back to a regular slipper (or disappear) at midnight is because the Fairy Godmother was messing with us: her main goal was to set Cinderella up for life and to do that she needed a way for the Prince to find her. She could easily have magicked Cinderella into the life she wanted, arbitrary midnight deadline be damned, but instead, the Fairy Godmother decided to make the Prince want her for her own qualities and to prove his love by tracking Cinderella down.

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  1. In Cinderella why the hell couldn’t he find her by looking at their faces? Did he spend the whole time looking at their feet because of a foot fetish?

    • You’re really dumb… the spell she did to Cinderella is like how genie magic works from Aladdin. They don’t let the people recognize you.

      You’re quite really dumb to be honest. Before you reply on something think first

      • Sooo mean. I hope the next time you don’t understand something someone tells you how dumb you are. And the only reason you write those types of comments is to make your stupid, small self feel better.

  2. So in essence, in most of these people are delusional, dead, etc: Nothing remotely positive. Lots of folks out there with ” More Issues than Newsweek I’d say “

  3. He needed the shoe so that his staff could help him find the woman. The king could not search the whole kingdom alone. He had no picture of her.



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